Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

September 28, 1998 Meeting

Present: Beth Basista, Carol Holdcraft, Stephen Peterson, Tim Rafferty, Anne Runyan, Tom Sav, Joe Slater, Roy Vice, Jeanne Fraker, Angel Hughes, Andy Wright.

Introductions: New and returning members were introduced and student members welcomed.


Committee will focus on the two issues sent from Faculty President which are: drafting specific implementation guidelines on the drop/add policies adopted by the Faculty last spring, and clarifying the guidelines for requesting changes to undergraduate programs.
Implementation of Drop/Add Policies:
The chair agreed to ask the Registrar's office, School of Graduate Studies, and the Associate Provost to each compile a list of the issues and concerns they have about implementing the drop/add policies. Responses will be forwarded by e-mail to committee members before the next meeting. Representatives will be invited to come to the next meeting to voice their issues, as well as respond to questions from the committee.

Guidelines for requesting changes to undergraduate programs: August 7, 1998 memo from the Associate Provost on proposed changes to guidelines for requesting changes to undergraduate programs was reviewed. The committee will devote future meetings to addressing the concerns about the guidelines enumerated in the memo.

Course Modification (M) and Inventory (I) Requests: The chair reported on 2 requests that were handled over the summer.
CEHS: ED 427 (delete), ED 427 (I) (new course using old number, one time only)
New Program Proposals:
Environmental Health Sciences Minor: After brief examination of the proposal, members compiled a list of questions that the chair will clarify with the EH department. The committee will defer full review of the proposal pending clarifications.
The committee adjourned. The next two meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays, Oct. 6, 1998 and Oct. 13, 1998, both at 9:00 am in 032 Rike.