Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

June 9, 1998 Meeting *

Present: Beth Basista,, Carol Holdcraft, Myrna Gifford, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Juanita Melton (for Jeanne Fraker), Tom Sav, Joe Slater, Donald Swanson.

Approved Minutes of May 18, 1998 UCAPC meeting.

As agreed at the May 18 UCAPC meeting, the last meeting of the 1997-98 academic year was called for the purpose of reviewing any remaining course modification and inventory requests that colleges/schools wished to submit before the Fall 1998. Submissions of new program proposals or policy change proposals would not be acted upon at the meeting.

Course Modification (M) and Inventory (I) Requests

    COBA: Approved -- MIS 321 (M), MIS 420 (M).

    COLA: Approved -- PHL (M), REL 300 (M).

    COSM: Approved BMB 427 (M).
      Denied BMB 495 (M) - rather than modifying courses retroactively, the committee recommended that the department pursue with the registrar other mechanisms for accommodating a single student.

    CEHS: Approved -- HPR 151 (M), RHB 370 (M).

    CONH: Approved -- NUR 210 (M), NUR 308 (M), NUR 318 (I).
      Tabled -- NUR 405 (M), NUR 406 (M), NUR 407 (M), NUR 462 (M). It was reported that modifications were being submitted to change program requirements. The committee requested that the modifications be resubmitted with a program change proposal.

    UD: Approved -- SS 071 (M), SS 072 (M), SS 073 (M), SS 081 (M), SS 082 (M), SS 083 (M), SS 091 (M), SS 092 (M), SS 093 (M).

The End

* Tentative -- subject to approval.