Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

January 7, 1998 Meeting

Present: Beth Basista, Jeanne Fraker, Jeff Gardner, Myrna Gifford, Carol Holdcraft, Jan Maxwell, Anne Runyan, Tom Sav, Joe Slater, Donald Swanson, Tim Wood.

Approved Minutes of December 10, 1997 UCAPC meeting.

University Course Add/Registration Policy:

    Reviewed and discussed the recommendation to change the Course Add/Registration Policy from its present status of allowing students to add courses at any time before the end of the first week of the quarter to allowing students to add or register for courses during the first two days of the quarter. UCAPC recommended the change in policy to the Faculty Senate at its December 1, 1997 meeting. At the same meeting, the Faculty Senate received from the Associate Provost a memorandum that raised several issues regarding the proposed policy and asked for additional analysis. It was agreed that UCAPC would review the policy in more detail. UCAPC's review and discussion focused on (1) the Memorandum to Faculty Senate from the Office of the Provost and (2) the student add/ registration data provided by the Office of Institutional Research. Wayne Peterson and Lee Mortimer from the Office of Institutional Research and Gail Fred, Registrar attended the UCAPC meeting, presented the analysis of student/add registration data, and took many questions from the committee. After much analysis and discussion, the committee felt that the data did lend support to the notion that academic performance can be adversely impacted by entry into courses following the second day of the start of classes. However, the committee also felt that other very important issues tied to the add/registration policy have surfaced and will remain following the potential implementation of the proposed policy. Such issues are, for example, related to class attendance and the current drop policy. Overall, it was concluded that while the proposed policy change is consistent with creating an improved teaching and learning environment, it does not and can not, as a single policy, address or resolve all issues related to such an effort.

Revisions of Previously Submitted Program Changes in the CEHS:

      B.S. in Education, Early Childhood Education - leading to licensure.
      B.S. in Education, Middle Childhood Education - without licensure.

    The committee reviewed the revisions and found them acceptable. However, with respect to the Middle Childhood Education Program, concern was expressed with the Social Studies component of the Area Concentrations. It was recommended that a more explicit statement of options appear in this component.

Course Inventory Requests:

    The CECS will review EDT 204, EDT 205, EDT 206, EDT 207, EDT 208, EDT 209 and report to UCAPC at a future meeting.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Wednesday, January 21, 1:00 p.m., 032 Rike.