Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

November 13, 1997 Meeting

Present: Beth Basista, Jeff Gardner, Myrna Gifford, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Anne Runyan, Mohammed Saklayen, Tom Sav, George Spalding (for Joe Slater), Tim Wood.

Approved Minutes of October 23, 1997 UCAPC meeting.

Report of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee:

    When the committee met on October 31, it discussed potential problems found with writing intensive courses listed in the catalog and not being offered or listed as WI in the class schedules. The WAC Committee reviewed the situation, found the problems to be isolated at this point, and will take steps to alert departments at the beginning of each quarter.

    The committee discussed the work of a group of faculty who met September 9-11 to begin developing a plan for assessing the WAC program. Among the directions discussed are collaborating with GEOAC in assessing the GE program; surveying instructors of WI courses; working with departments and colleges already requiring portfolios in capstone courses and conducting exit interviews; and establishing focus groups.

Course Modification (M) and Inventory (I) Requests Reviewed:

    Old Business:
      The committee was updated regarding the changes to and final approval of the following requests:
        CECS: ME 458
        COBA: MKT 366
          MKT 466
          (MKT 301 request was withdrawn)
      Previously tabled requests:
        COSM: BMD 240 - request will be returned to the college based on a report that the request duplicates existing courses BIO 210, BIO 211, and BIO 212.

    New Business:
        Approved ED 333 (I)
        Approved: FR 325 (I), GER 325 (I), SPN 325 (I), ART 366 (M), ART 466 (M)
        Approved: PHY 300 (M), PHY 301 (M), PHY 302 (M)

New Program Proposals:

    Reviewed proposal for a new minor program in Air Force Studies submitted by the Department of Aerospace Studies through the Office of the Associate Provost. The proposal is a revision of last year's proposal submitted to the UCAPC. The committee raised several questions regarding the proposed program. Central to the discussion was the concern over whether the program is truly open to all students based on possible enrollment restrictions for AES required courses. Questions also arose regarding the staffing of the department. In was also noted that Parts VII and X of the proposal referring to "Aerospace Studies" were confusing relative to "Air Force Studies." The committee decided that it needed more information and time to review the proposal and asked that the committee chair discuss the matter with the Associate Provost and the Department of Aerospace Studies.

University Course Add/Registration Policy:

    Reviewed WSU's course add/registration policy allowing students to enroll in classes at any time before the end of the first week of the quarter. Current policy can result in students missing ten percent of the quarter in any or all of their classes and, inter alia, jeopardize their academic success, as well as negatively impact overall student retention. The committee discussed several alternatives to the current policy. Information regarding other university add/registration policies were discussed. The committee recommended that the current policy be changed so that students may add or register for courses during the first two days of the quarter. Students wishing to add or register for courses after the second day must obtain the instructor's signature. The recommendation will be submitted to the Faculty Executive Committee for its November 18 meeting as a matter to forward for possible consideration by the Faculty Senate.

Revision of Course Inventory and Modification Requests:

    The committee decided, after two hours of meeting, that it would defer review of this matter to a meeting in the winter quarter.

The committee scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday, December 10 at 12:00 noon in 032 Rike Hall.

The meeting will be restricted to a review of college requests that must be acted upon prior to December 31, 1997. In particular, the committee is meeting for the purpose of reviewing course and program proposals to be submitted by the CEHS in their process of preparing teacher education programs for the Ohio Department of Education to meet the licensure standards effective January 1, 1998. The committee will review equally urgent requests from other colleges. The deadline for receipt of any requests to be considered by the committee is Monday, December 1, 3:00 p.m.