Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 23, 1997 Meeting

Present: Beth Basista, Jeanne Fraker, Jeff Gardner, Myrna Gifford, Carol Holdcraft, Jan Maxwell, Anne Runyan, Mohammed Saklayen, Tom Sav, George Spalding (for Joe Slater), Donald Swanson, Tim Wood.

Approved Minutes of October 10, 1997 UCAPC meeting.

Report of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee:

    The 1997-98 WAC Committee will have its first meeting on October 31 or November 7. At that meeting we will begin discussion of an especially important activity the committee has been charged by the WAC Document to carry out: designing and implementing an overall evaluation plan for the WAC program. Preliminary discussions with a small group of faculty from the colleges affected by WAC took place September 9-11, and the suggestions gathered there will be presented to the committee.

Course Modification (M) and Inventory (I) Requests Reviewed:

      Approved: ED 303 (I)

      Approved: NUR 308 (M), NUR 318 (M), NUR 425 (M).

      Approved: BMD 499 (M), PHY 106 (M), PHY 116 (M).

      Tabled: BMD 240 (M), pending further review.

      Approved: MGT 302, MGT 410 (M), MGT 418 (M), MGT 410 (M), MKT 301 (M-catalog description change), MKT 302 (M), MKT 336 (I), MKT 366 (I), MKT 401 (I), MKT 411 (I), MKT 441 (I) MKT 442 (I), MKT 446 (I), MKT 492 (M).

      Tabled: MKT 301 (M -prerequisite changes), pending further review.

      Approved: CEG 454 (M), ME 442 (I), ME 458 (I), EE 444 (M), EE 449 (M), EE 454 (M), EE 476 (M), EE 444 (I), EE 331 (M), EE 332 (I), EE 430 (I), EE 431 (M), EE 432 (I), EE 434 (I), EE 435 (M), EE 445 (I).

      Approved: ATH 351 (M), MUS 167 (M), MUS 227 (M), MUS 228 (M), MUS 229 (M), MUS 367 (M), ENG 490 (I), ENG 351 (M), ENG 352 (M), ENG 353 (M), ENG 354 (M), ENG 355 (M), ENG 356 (M), ENG 357 (M), ENG 359 (M), 333 (M), ENG 347 (M), ENG 400 (M), ENG 402 (M), ENG 405 (M).

Other Business:

    The committee discussed the potential problems arising from undergraduate courses listed in the catalog and being officially designated as Writing Intensive but not being offered or listed as Writing Intensive according to the Fall 97 and Winter 98 class schedules. The problem may be isolated as it arose with respect to a only a couple courses thus far. The WACC will review the matter from the broader perspective of the WAC Program.

    The committee discussed the desirability of developing new course modification and inventory request forms. The discussion centered around the need for better information regarding specific course requests and the impact or role of such requests within and/or across college and university programs. In addition, it would be desirable to develop more user friendly forms to assist departments and colleges in the submission of their requests.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Thursday, November 13 at 2:30 p.m. in 032 Rike Hall.