Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 10, 1997 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Jeff Gardner, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Tom Sav, Donald Swanson.

The committee drafted the following recommended change (changes in bold type) in the Faculty Senate document:

    Section 10. Standing Committees

      A. ......

        1. An Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee shall recommend action and policy to the Faculty Senate for all undergraduate study involving credit. Each college or school shall be represented on this committee and the colleges of Liberal Arts and Science and Mathematics shall have at least two representatives. The Writing Across the Curriculum Committee chair (appointed by the Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee) shall serve as a non-voting member of this committee. Two non-voting, undergraduate student representatives shall be selected by Student Government. The university division director and the university librarian (or their designees) shall be non-voting members of this committee. The committee shall have the responsibility for the following areas: ......

The recommended amendment would bring into consistency the Faculty Senate document and the Writing Across the Curriculum document (passed by University Faculty, Fall 1995). The pertinent section of the latter states:

    Oversight and Faculty Development

      1. that a Writing Across the Curriculum Committee be established as a standing subcommittee of our committee, whose chair will also serve as a non-voting member of the Curriculum Committee (UUCAP). ......

The recommendation will be forwarded to the Senate Faculty Executive Committee for consideration at the October 14 meeting.

The following individuals were appointed to serve on the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee:

    Joe Law, Chair, Director, Writing Across the Curriculum Program, GEOAC member
    Myrna Gifford, CEHS
    Leo Finklestein, CECS
    Susan Praeger, CONH
    Tom Sav, COBA
    Tracey Steele, COLA
    Bob Weisman, COSM
    Joe Cavannaugh, Lake Campus
    Chris Hall, Interim Director, Writing Programs, Department of English, and English as a Second Language Program
    Nicole Macklin, Interim Director, University Writing Center
    Jeff Gardner or Rich Garrett, Student Member

The committee briefly discussed the work to date of the Ad Hoc Committee on Pluralism (Diversity) In American Society in relation to the Faculty charge to UCAPC to undertake
a reconsideration of adding a "Pluralism in American Society" course in GE without a reduction of the CST/RST requirements and (2) a reconsideration of details on funding and class size of such a course.

In addition, the committee briefly reviewed the responsibilities of the General Education Oversight and Assessment Committee (GEOAC) and its working relationship with the UCAPC.

It was decided that it would be useful to gather information regarding the course add/registration periods implemented at other universities and review such in relation to the WSU policy.

With regard to actions taken during the summer months, Electrical Engineering 332 was approved as a one-time course. More than 60 other course modification and course inventory requests were received. A review of these will begin at the next UCAPC meeting.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Thursday, October 23 at 2:30 p.m. in 032 Rike Hall.