Charge to the General Education Task Force

The General Education Task Force is hereby charged to propose revisions to the University's General Education Program that incorporate the functions and characteristics delineated below. In order to expedite consideration of General Education reform, the Task Force is requested to submit its recommendations to the Faculty Senate by March 20, 1998, for inclusion in the April, 1998, agenda as New Business.

The proposed General Education curriculum should:

  1. be consistent with the philosophy and goals of the current General Education program;
  2. include no more credit hours than the current program;
  3. comply fully with the OBR transfer module;
  4. be comprised of four or five-credit courses;
  5. incorporate sufficient flexibility in the courses meeting area requirements in the arts, humanities, and social sciences so as to contribute to a reduction in overall average section size and to a reduced reliance on 400+ seat classes;
  6. maintain or increase the number of writing intensive courses required;
  7. be readily adaptable to a semester calendar. To this end, the Task Force is asked to provide an explicit proposal for converting the revised General Education Program to semesters, in case the issue of changing to semesters should arise again at a fut ure date. This conversion plan should also maintain or reduce the proportion of the overall undergraduate curriculum dedicated to General Education.

Composition of the General Education Task Force:

Co-Chairs: Ed Rutter (S&M, Math) and Donna Schlagheck (COLA, Political Science)

COLA (English): Henry Limouze
COLA (Fine Arts): Carol Nathanson
COLA (Humanities): Robert Sumser

S&M (Science): Tim Wood
S&M (Psychology): Larry Kurdek

COBA (Economics): John Blair

CECS: Tom Sudkamp
CON: Celesta Warner
Lake Campus: Kenton Strickland
CEHS: Steve Hansell

SG: Keir Holeman

Associate Provost, Lillie Howard
Senate UCAP Chair, Tom Sav
COLA Associate Dean, William Rickert
S&M Associate Dean, Robert Weisman

Adopted by WSU Faculty Senate, December 1, 1997

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