General Education at Wright State University

The General Education Program at Wright State University provides students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will form the basis for their life-long learning. A planned and coherent program, it is designed to help students sharpen criti cal thinking, problem solving, and communication skills while learning about the aesthetic, ethical, moral, social, and cultural dimensions of human experience. The General Education Program is required of all undergraduate students and serves as a founda tion upon which all baccalaureate programs are built.

Area One
Communication and Mathematical Skills

12 Hours

Area One requirements help students enhance abilities central to academic success, including the abilities to write using appropriate academic conventions and to formulate and interpret mathematical models.


Area Two
Cultural-Social Foundations

8 Hours Minimum (Select one course from each category.)

Area Two requirements help students develop a historical perspective on their own culture, an understanding of cultures beyond their own and an awareness of the realities of global interdependence.


Area Three
Human Behavior

8 Hours Minimum (Select two courses from different categories.)

Area Three requirements help students develop the skills to examine critically the complexity of human behavior and institutions through systematic analysis.


Area Four
Human Expression

4 Hours Minimum (Select one course.)

Area Four requirements will help students develop an intellectual and aesthetic appreciation of significant artistic works and of important literary, religious and philosophical texts. Students will explore how such works express both personal vision and cultural concerns. They will also examine the specific means writers, composers and creative and performing artists adopt to communicate with their audience.


Additional Courses from Areas Two, Three, and Four

8 Hours

Select two additional courses from Areas Two, Three or Four, one course each from two of these three areas. Except for Area Two, the course selected must come from a different subcategory than the course(s) chosen to meet the area requirement.

This component of the General Education program provides students the opportunity for in depth study in Cultural and Social Foundations, Human Behavior, or Human Expression and thus the opportunity to strengthen understanding and competencies in two of th ese three areas.

Area Five
Natural Sciences

12 Hours (Select three courses (lecture and lab); at least one must be writing intensive)

Area Five courses emphasize scientific inquiry as a way to discover the natural world, and they explore fundamental issues of science and technology in human society.


Area Six
College Component

4 Hours (Select one course from the list specified by the college in which you intend to major.) Area Six requirements link general education more closely with study in the major, thereby making more apparent the applicability and transferability of general competencies to specialized study.

Courses satisfying the Area Six requirement may be offered by the specifying college or may be selected from approved General Education courses offered by the other colleges. Courses meeting the Area Six requirement must be writing intensive.

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