Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of April 6, 1998

Since its March 2 report to the Faculty Senate, the Curriculum Committee met on March 4. The committee:

    Reviewed 6 Course Inventory and Modification Requests: COBA (4), COSM (2) -- approved 4 and returned 2 for additional clarification.

    Reviewed the proposal for a new International Business Major, B.S. in Business. The committee approved the proposal pending resolution of the following: (1) incorporation of Writing In the Major Program requirements and identification of WI courses, (2) designation of substitution course for Writing in General Education Program requirements, (3) identification and incorporation of specific courses satisfying the 12 credit hours of Cultural Resources Requirements (this should be coordinated with and approved by appropriate departments in the COLA), (4) consideration of designating the final 4 credit hours of the program requirement as Non-Business Elective, (5) submission of program proposal review by Dr. Donna Schlagheck, Director, International Studies. and (6) submission and approval of BUS 481 as a proposed program course. The committee also noted the University Libraries' objection to the proposal's description of library holdings in international studies and international business as "comprehensive." Although the current collection is adequate to support the new major, the Libraries have requested $5,000 in a unit action plan for strengthening holdings in both international business and foreign language resources.

    Finalized its review and consideration of implementing a plus/minus grading policy. Based on faculty and student feedback from individual colleges and student government, it was concluded that overall it would not be beneficial to change the current grading system to a plus/minus system.

    Began the process of revising the course modification and inventory request forms so as to provide better information regarding specific course requests, identify the impact or role of such requests within and/or across college and university programs, and that incorporate Writing in GE and Writing in the Major Program information.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Tuesday, April 7, 2:00 p.m., 032 Rike.