Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of November 3, 1997

The Curriculum Committee held its second meeting of the academic year on October 23.

At that meeting, the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee reported that it is scheduled to hold its first meeting on October 31. The committee, as charged by the WAC Document, will begin designing and implementing an overall evaluation plan for the WAC program. Preliminary discussions with a small group of faculty from the colleges affected by WAC took place September 9-11. The suggestions gathered there will serve as the basis for discussing an evaluation plan.

The UCAPC reviewed 59 Course Inventory and Modification Requests: CEHS (1), CONH (3), COSM (4), COBA (15), CECS (16), and COLA (20) -- approved 57 requests and tabled 2 requests pending further review.

In other business, the committee discussed:

    1. potential problems arising from courses listed in the catalog as Writing Intensive but not being offered or listed as Writing Intensive in class schedules. Thus far, only a couple courses have been so identified and, therefore, the problem may be isolated. The WACC will review the matter from the perspective of the entire WAC Program.

    2. the desirability of developing new course modification and inventory request forms that provide better information and that are more user friendly.

At its next meeting, the committee will continue to review these issues and begin a review of the course add/registration issue.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Thursday, November 13, 2:30 p.m., 032 Rike.