Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to WSU Faculty, Meeting of February 24, 1998

Since its November 18, 1997 report to the University Faculty, the UCAPC met on December 10, January 7, January 21, and February 11. During its deliberations the committee reviewed and approved (except as noted by *) the following:

Undergraduate Minor Programs - New
  • Minor in Air Force Studies: 32 hrs including 18 hrs required and 14 hrs electives.
Undergraduate Major Programs - Changes
  • B.S. in Education - Early Childhood (changes to meet new licensure standards).
  • B.S. in Education - Middle Childhood (changes to meet new licensure standards).
Academic Policy Changes
  • Course Add/registration Policy: change from first week to first two days of quarter.
  • Course Drop Policy: allow instructor discretion to drop for missing first two class days.
  • Transfer Policy: students awarded CLEP credits at other Ohio institutions receive credit.
  • * Grade Policy: implementation of +/- system (under UCAPC review and consideration).
Policy Administration Changes
  • Courses repeated for credit will be systematically identified in the inventory and catalog.
General Education Program Revision *
  • UCAPC, as well as the WAC Committee and the Pluralism (Diversity) in American Society Committee, will continue to review the GE Task Force proposals following input and additional recommendations from the university faculty.
Undergraduate Course Modification and Inventory Requests
  • Reviewed 106 course modifications and new course proposals: CEHS (63), COSM (26), COLA (8), COBA (6), and Military Science (3) - approved 94 and returned 12 to colleges for further consideration.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Wednesday, March 4, 1998, 11:00 a.m. in 032 Rike Hall.