Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

March 17, 1997 Meeting

Present: Donna Cole, Jeanne Fraker, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Martha Sammons, Tom Sav, Joe Slater, and Jan Maxwell.

Approved Minutes of February 14, 1997 Meeting of the UUCAPC.

Reviewed Course Inventory (I) and Modification (M) Requests:

CEHS -- HFE 306 (M), EE 448 (I), and ME 212 (M).

COSM -- BIO 354 (resubmission), BIO 484 (M), PHY 245 (M), and SM 145 (M).

COLA -- WMS 399 (I), WMS 498 (I), WMS 499 (I), PHI 471 (M), and PHI 472 (M).

UD -- SS 087 (M).

COLA -- REL 435, request syllabus and documentation to justify increased credit hour.

Reviewed the WAC Oversight Committee's Proposals for Modifications of the WAC Program (approved by GEOAC):

Petitions of removal of credit for course grade also removes credit for WI -- approved.

Transfer and returning students who have completed GE courses but need one or more WI credits be allowed to count other designated WI GE courses or WI courses in the major -- approved with the deletion of "all four" when making reference to GE courses and with the inclusion of insertion points into the WAC document.

Reviewed Proposals for Changes in Undergraduate Programs (approved by Provost and Deans):
Department of Geological Sciences reduced admission requirements -- approved.

BS in CEG Program reduced credit hour graduation requirement --approved.

BS in CS Program reduced credit hour graduation requirement -- approved subject to a suggested clarification of "Notes" at the bottom of the page of the proposed revision. The committee noted that computer science majors are enrolling in English courses that are very introductory Internet based courses. The committee thought that the CS faculty did not intend for the English courses in the "Notes" to be satisfied in this way. If this is the case, the committee recommends that the "Notes" section of program proposal be revised.

CEHS Teacher Education Program increased PPST scores admission requirement -- approved.

Reviewed Proposals for the Creation of new Minor Programs:

Minor in Operations Management (24 hours, 2.0 GPA) -- approved.

Minor in Marketing (24 hours, 2.0 GPA) -- approved.

Minor in Aerospace Studies -- not approved. The committee noted that "aerospace" programs are designed around aerospace engineering and the presently proposed program is not an aerospace engineering program. Thus, the current program title may be misleading to students and the general public. It was recommended that the program carry a different title so as to more accurately reflect the program curriculum, e.g., "Air Force Studies." The committee also inquired as to the existence and nature of such a program at other universities and would like information along such lines. The proposed program carries electives in the COBA and the COLA. Several questions arose as to the choice of electives and the frequency of offerings (e.g., ENG 240 on both counts). Therefore, the committee requested that the proposal be reviewed by the COBA and the COLA.

Reviewed the GEOAC's Proposal for Change in Transfer Credit Regulations so as to bring WSU into compliance with OBR Articulation and Transfer Policy such that student transfers from Ohio public colleges and universities with the AA or AS degree will transfer all courses with a passing grade of "D" or above --approved with deletion of the opening phrase "In order to ensure adherence to a minimum standard of quality."

Reviewed Honors Program Committee Proposal to abolish "T" grade which is a "no credit" grade available only in Honors courses -- approved.

The committee scheduled the next UUCAPC meeting for April 21, 1997 at 1:30 p.m. in 032 Rike Hall.