Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee


February 14, 1997 Meeting


Present: Donna Cole, Harry Davis, Jeanne Fraker, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Martha Sammons, Tom Sav, Joe Slater, and Jeff Wehmeyer (for Jan Maxwell)

Approved Minutes of January 17, 1997 Meeting of the UUCAPC.

Reviewed and approved resubmitted Course Modification and Inventory Requests (4): MGT 410, MGT 300, MGT 473, and URS 423.

Reviewed Department of Political Science review and objection to the COSM's proposed EH 452 course. The committee will forward the review to the COSM and the Institute for Environmental Quality and recommend that they work with Political Science to develop a solution.

Discussed the Provost's review of COBA's proposed Undergraduate Program Changes and COBA's follow-up correspondence to the committee. It is the committee's understanding that the Provost may now be aware that procedures call for a review by the Deans and a recommendation from that group to UUCAPC. In addition, it was noted that the proposal still requires resolution of the Department of Communication objection to the MKT 300 course proposal.

Accepted the New Transfer Credit procedures as the final resolution to the age-old issue of inconsistent application of the Transfer Module among colleges. The Academic Advising Committee was commended for its work (Jeanne was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize).

Course Inventory (3) and Modification (12) Requests Reviewed:

Approved GL 454, MTH 348, and BIO 353.

Returned BIO 354 and requested that the COSM obtain a review by HPR.

Returned BIO 105, BIO 106, and BIO 107 (resubmissions). The committee did not find the modifications acceptable. In addition, the committee reviewed the May 17, 1996 memorandum from Lillie Howard, Chair, GEOAC outlining GEOAC's decision to not approve the BIO 105, 106, 107 modifications. The committee was previously unaware of GEOAC's review and recommendation outlined in that correspondence. Therefore, the committee decided to withdraw its previous approval of BIO 106 and request that the COSM work with and through the GEOAC on developing any proposals or changes regarding these courses.

CEHS: Approved ED 405, RHB 401, and RHB 404.

COLA: Approved HIS 301, MUS 341, and REL 497.

COBA: Approved MGT 475.

UD: Returned SS 087 and requested that it be made available for review by each college. The usual submission with copies to all deans would be acceptable.

Approved Department of Mathematics and Statistics proposed Modification in Prerequisite for Mathematics and the Modern World (MTH 145) -- previously approved by GEOAC.

The committee decided it was premature to review the proposed CECS Revision of BS (CEG), CECS Revision of BS (CS), and the CEHS Teacher Education Program Admission Criteria Change. The committee will await the reviews and recommendations of the Provost and deans.

Joe Law, Chair, WAC Oversight Committee, reported on the WAC accomplishments and future directions. The UUCAPC committee members commended him and the committee for their accomplishments.

The committee scheduled the next UUCAPC meeting for March 17, 1997 at 1:30 p.m. in 032 Rike Hall.