Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

November 21, 1996 Meeting

Present: Donna Cole, Jeanne Fraker, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Tom Sav, George Spalding (for Joe Slater)

Approved Minutes of November 7, 1996 Meeting of the UUCAPC.

Updates were provided from previous business: (1) Correspondence between the CECS (Lin) and COSM (Burton) resolved questions regarding HFE 480 -- so approved. (2) BIO 106 resubmitted with Dean's signature, so approved. (3) CEG 478 -- correspondence from the CECS (Garcia) and COSM (Gruden) uncovered COSM's misplaced paper work on MTH 456 and should be forwarded to the committee shortly with a re-submission of CEG 478.

Program Proposals reviewed:

Approved the COLA Minor in Urban Affairs.

Approved the COLA Minor in Women's Studies.

Program Changes reviewed:

Changes in Math Undergraduate Programs (submitted by Dan Voss, Chair, Math & Statistics Undergraduate Committee) -- the committee suggested that the Math & Statistics Committee consult with the COSM Dean and Curriculum Committee regarding review and approval policies in the college. In addition, the committee requested that the discontinued courses associated with the program changes be deleted through the usual Course Inventory Requests.

Course Modification and Inventory Requests reviewed:

COLA (18):
Approved Inventory: PLS 405, PLS 474, GEO 448, URS 420, URS 424, MUS 422.

Approved Inventory Subject to Change: PLS 225 and WMS 200 -- revise syllabus from "semester" to "quarter" and clarify grading policy.

Approved Modification: GEO 311, GEO 312, GEO 413, MUS 106, MUS 165, MUS 291, MUS 401, MUS 421, MUS 471, URS 492. 

Returned from previous business: COM 325 (previously tabled) -- returned to COLA for forwarding to CONH for formal review.

COBA (16):

Inventory Returned: MGT 473 -- title and catalog description changes requested. MGT 474 -- title and catalog description changes requested. Also, clarification requested on extent to which it differs from MS 435.

Approved Modification: MGT 480, MS 202, MS 203, MS 450, MIS 210, MIS 323. 

Returned Modification: non-compliance with established university policy regarding either (1) catalog description (maximum of 34 words) or (2) course title for student record (maximum of 24 spaces) -- MS 201, MS 306, MS 435, MIS 100, MIS 400, MIS 410, MIS 430, MIS 480.

Returned with Friendly Suggestion: MIS 323 approved as stands, but committee suggests that item catalog title could be changed to "Management of Information Systems Projects."

COSM (3):

Approved Modifications: GL 461, GL 470, PSY 341.

The committee continued discussion of adding "Pluralism in American Society" to the GE Program. The discussion centered on implementation, including:

1. Several options that imply a "Pluralism in American Society" requirement could be implemented and met through a restructuring of the current GE Program and by either
a. a stand-alone GE Pluralism course
b. an approved departmental non-GE course.
2. Several options that imply a "Pluralism in American Society" requirement could be implemented by keeping the current GE Program requirements in tact and
a. integrating Pluralism throughout the GE curriculum
b. requiring one pluralism course in either
(i) an approved and designated existing GE section
(ii) an approved departmental non-GE course.

To accommodate late curriculum and policy requests for inclusion under the current catalog change process, the committee agreed to hold a special meeting during the December break. A November 22 memo will be sent to all Deans, informing them that the deadline for receipt of submissions will be 12:00 Noon, Monday, December 9, 1996. The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, December 20, 1996, 9:30 a.m., 032 Rike Hall.