Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee


November 7, 1996 Meeting


Present: Donna Cole, Jeanne Fraker, Carol Holdcraft, Tom Sav, Joe Slater

Updates were provided from previous business: (1) Resubmissions of Course Inventory and Modification Requests that received previous committee approval pending changes, etc. have been processed: EDE 401, ME 314, EE 452, CEG 452. Also, a CECS Inventory Request to delete EE 474 was processed. (2) The revised COBA proposal for an Economics minor was received and will be sent to the Steering Committee for consideration by Academic Council. (3) Recommendations for appointment to the GEOAC provided by the committee were sent to the Provost's Office: David Barr (COLA), Steve Hansell (CEHS), Patricia Martin (CONH), David Reynolds (CECS), and Joe Law (WAC Committee Chair).

Course Modification and Inventory requests were reviewed:

CECS -5:

Approved: CEG 458, CEG 498, CS 470, HFE 480 (subject to Dr. Burton's opportunity to respond to Dr. Lin) 

Returned for additional information: CEG 478 (provide review/input from the Math Department regarding cross listing, does MTH 456 & EE 478 exist, is triple cross listing desirable)

Dr. Anna Bellasari, Director of the Honors Program, made a presentation on "Pluralism in American Society" in General Education and provided course content criteria and model programs, including OSU's Social Diversity in the United States program requirements. Questions and discussion followed.

The committee discussed alternative implementations of a Pluralism course in the GE program, considering the need to not exceed the current 57 hour GE Program requirement.

The committee approved sending, via the Deans, a request to each College to gather information on existing courses that already meet, existing courses that could be easily developed to meet, and potentially new courses that would be developed to meet the proposed Pluralism guidelines previously developed and brought before the Faculty (Fall 1995).

The committee approved establishing a policy whereby, effective immediately, colleges and or units submitting curriculum and policy requests to the UUCAPC include the original plus 12 copies. This will enable UUCAPC to better serve the entire university community in processing requests with greater speed and efficiency in working toward improving our undergraduate curriculum.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for November 21, 1996, 11:00 a.m., 032 Rike Hall.