Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to WSU Faculty, Meeting of February 25, 1997

Since its November 12 report, the UUCAPC met on November 21, December 20, January 17, and February 14. During deliberations the committee:

1. Approved COLA's proposals for new minor programs in Women's Studies and Urban Affairs.

2. Approved the Department of Music's request to allow music majors to substitute MUS 121, instead of both MUS 121 and MUS 122, in the General Education Program.

3. Reviewed the WAC Oversight Committee proposal to allow transfer students who need to fulfill WAC credits to take a third WI course in the major. Inclusion of native students and a review by the GEOAC were requested.

4. Discussed the WAC Program progress and future needs for continued improvement and success. The committee commended the newly formed WAC Oversight Committee for its accomplishments in working toward improving program success.

5. Reviewed proposed changes in undergraduate programs submitted by Geological Sciences (reduced GPA requirement) and the COBA (increased credit hour graduation requirement). Additional proposals were received from the CECS (reduced credit hour graduation requirements for CEG and CS) and the CEHS (modified PPST admission scores). The committee is awaiting reviews and recommendations by the Provost and deans.

6. Accepted the Academic Advising Committee's change in procedures for evaluating a transfer student's completion of GE. The AAC was commended for developing a resolution to the age-old issue of inconsistent application of the Transfer Module among colleges.

7. Continued the evaluation of alternative implementations of adding a "Pluralism" course in GE, including (a) several options that restructure the GE program and require a stand-alone course or an approved departmental course and (b) several options that keep the GE Program in tact and require either integrating "Pluralism" throughout GE or students to complete a "Pluralism" requirement in an approved GE section or a departmental non-GE Pluralism course. Also, the committe solicted assistance from the colleges. The COLA and CEHS responded and identified pluralism courses.

8. Approved a new Undergraduate Admissions Policy for unconditional, conditional, and deferred admission submitted by the Provost's Office and endorsed by the Council of Deans and the President's Cabinet. Implementation of the policy puts WSU in compliance with the state of Ohio recommendation that students not completing the college prep curriculum be admitted conditionally; allows appropriate admission deferral of students who are unlikely to succeed without first removing identified deficiencies; more clearly communicates for conditional admits what deficiencies must be addressed; brings WSU more in line with admission policies of other Ohio universities; improves student retention; and more clearly communicates WSU's higher education expectations and improves the overall image of the university.

9. Reviewed 253 new, as well as revised, Course Inventory and Modification Requests. Approved most and returned some for additional information and review.