Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to WSU Faculty, Meeting of November 12, 1996

The UUCAPC has met three times -- October 4, October 18, and November 7, 1996. In addition, on November 4 a meeting was held with the NCATE Board of Examiners Team for accreditation of the CEHS. During deliberations the committee:

1. Appointed Joe Law, WAC Coordinator to Chair the newly formed WAC Committee.

2. Recommended to the Provost's Office appointments of five new faculty members to serve on the GEOAC.

3. Approved the COLA's request regarding the CST 240 course so as to allow GE Area Three offerings of comparative non-western classes in any of the arts (music, theatre, and art) as is done in the Western Experience. This will enable the COLA to offer needed courses and heretofore unmet opportunities for students in the GE Program.

4. Reviewed and found acceptable the revised proposal on "Classroom Accommodations for Disability" Policy.

5. Approved the request for a minor program in Economics.

6.. Undertook the Undergraduate Academic Advising Committee request regarding the inconsistent application of the Transfer Module among colleges in determining a transfer student's completion of GE. Additionally, asked GEOAC to review the matter and recommend a resolution.

7. Continued deliberations on the May 1996 Faculty Meeting charge to consider adding a "Pluralism in American Society" course to the GE Program and to consider the funding and class size of such a course. The committee has investigated and discussed alternative "pluralism" models and implementations and has requested information and assistance from each college.

8. Reviewed 86 Course Modification and Inventory Requests: COLA - 17, CEHS - 42, CECS - 12, COSM - 13, and UD - 2. In committee action: approved - 73, approved subject to minor changes - 7, returned to colleges for additional information - 4, tabled - 1, and 1 was withdrawn during committee review.