Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee

Draft Minutes of Meeting

October 17, 2012



Matt Rizki (CECS), Bev Schieltz (CoSM), Sherrill Smith (CoNH), Richard Mercer (CoSM), Sarah Twill (CoLA), Sean Pollack (CoLA), Stephanie Davis (CEHS), Joe Law (WAC/GE, Non-voting, Ex Officio), Jennifer Barbadora (Student Government, Non-voting), Matt Harman (Student Government, Non-voting)



Marian Brainerd (Registrar), Mary Holland (Assoc. Registrar), Todd Brittingham (Assoc. Registrar), Travis Doom (CECS)


1)      The committee approved the minutes of the September 19, 2012 meeting


2)      Course and Program Inventory Requests


a)      UCAPC reviewed the following course inventory requests:


The committee approved the following requests as submitted:


APS 3040, ATH 2100, BME 3211, BME 4410, BME 4400, CHM 4680, CS 1181, CS 2210, CS 2100, EES 4270, ME 4080, ME 4430, PHY 4400, PLS 4440, STT 4310, TH 3990


The committee modified these courses after consulting with a representative of the originating department and then approved all the requests:


ATH 2110, ED 2100, ME 4340, ME 4740, ME 4850, NUR 4990, SW 4870


b)      UCAPC reviewed the following program inventory requests:


Program modifications:   


BS Computer Engineering (BSCE) – tabled at the request of the CoSM representative

        BA Biology (Life Science Education) – approved

BS Chemistry (dual major) – approved (number of elective hours adjusted bring the program to 120 hours)


New programs:                 


Philosophy minor – approved with a correction to wording of required math and science courses.

Social Science Education Honors Program – approved

Modern Languages Honors Program – approved


Program Deactivations:   


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering requested deactivation of the semester program concentrations listed below (summary list) – approved.


CS - Computer Science - BSCS / Bioinformatics

CS - Computer Science - BSCS / Computational Science

CS - Computer Science - BACS / Music

CS - Computer Science - BACS / Business

CS - Computer Science - BSCS / Visualization

CS - Computer Science - BSCS / Earth & Environmental Sciences

CS - Computer Science - BSCS / Business

CS - Computer Science - BS IECS / Earth & Environmental Sciences

CS - Computer Science - BS IECS / Computational Science

CS - Computer Science - BS IECS / Bioinformatics

CEG - Computer Engineering - IECS / Wireless

CEG - Computer Science - BSCS / Visualization

CEG - Computer Engineering - BSCE / Wireless


3)      UCAPC recommended approval of Department of Information Systems and Operations Management request to change their department’s name to the Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (attachment).


4)      The committee reviewed proposed modifications to the curriculum workflow to allow departments to request program deactivations or terminations. Once the modifications are complete, UCAPC has asked the Registrar’s Office to ask departments with programs, minors and certificates that were not converted from quarter to semesters to initiate requests through the workflow to (1) convert the programs from quarters-to-semesters, (2) deactivate the programs or (3) terminate the programs (attachment).


5)      In the September 19, 2012 meeting UCAPC discussed how to resolve a software problem in BANNER that was preventing the Department of Kinesiology and Health from offering the same KNH courses in A and B terms during a single semester. The committee approved a plan to create a duplicate set of courses by changing the final digit of a series of KHN courses from 0 to 1 to distinguish between A and B term. The Registrar Office suggested that adding an A or B to the end of the course numbers would provide a better solution. The committee approved of this approach to resolving the problem and asked the Registrar’s Office to work with Department of Kinesiology and Health to implement this solution before the start of registration for Spring 2013 (A/B courses).


6)      The committee reviewed forms designed to assess student outcomes in core courses (Gen. Ed., IW etc.). Several problems were noted with the forms. Dr. Joe Law agreed to circulate the forms to the colleges so faculty involved in teaching core course can review them and provide feedback (attachment).


7)      The Chair of UCAPC provided an update on discussions with Ellucian focused on identifying a mechanism to adapt the BANNER system to allow selective prerequisite checking (attachment).


8)      The Chair of UCAPC reported on the progress of Dr. Herb Dragella’s efforts to design a survey to collect feedback on the curriculum workflow. The goal is to use this feedback to develop user requirements to guide the implementation of the next generation curriculum workflow.


9)      UCAPC briefly discussed the College Readiness Standards and also the Senate’s charge to UCAPC related to the Report on Student Success. A decision was made to hold a special meeting on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 3:00 in 399 Joshi to have a extend discussion on these topics. The Chair of UCAPC agreed to invite the chairs of senate’s ad hoc committees on student success to this meeting.


10)   Adjourned