Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee

Minutes of Meeting

November 14, 2012



Matt Rizki (CECS), Bev Schieltz (CoSM), Sherrill Smith (CoNH), Richard Mercer (CoSM), Sarah Twill (CoLA), Stephanie Davis (CEHS), Tom Sav (RSCOB), Matt Harman (Student Government, Non-voting)



Marian Brainerd (Registrar), Mary Holland (Assoc. Registrar), Todd Brittingham (Assoc. Registrar), Travis Doom (CECS), Herb Dregalla (Assoc. Provost)


1)      The committee approved the minutes of the October 17, 2012 meeting


2)      Course and Program Inventory Requests


a)      UCAPC reviewed and approved the following course inventory requests:


Course modifications

BIO 4760, CHM 4200, CHM 4210, ENG 4940, ME 2700, ME 3750, ME 4570, ME 4580, ME 4580, ME 4700, ME 4720, ME 4730, ME 4750, ME 4770, ME 4860, ME 4870, ME 4880, MP 3320, MP 3330, MP 4360, MUA 1110, NUR 3480, NUR 4460, SCM 3330


New courses

HST 4820, WMS 4890


Quarter-to-semester conversions

ML 2030


b)      UCAPC reviewed the following program inventory requests:


Program Modifications

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering requested program modifications (BSCE, BSCS and BACS) to allow students to take CS 2200 Discrete Structures OR MTH 2570 Discrete Mathematics. The Math Department objected to this change. UCAPC asked that faculty representatives from the Math Department and the Computer Science and Engineering Department meet to discuss this disagreement.


               CSE Program Modifications

BS Computer Engineering (BSCE) – tabled at the request of the CoSM

BA Computer Science (BACS) – tabled at the request of the CoSM

BS Computer Science (BSCS) – tabled at the request of the CoSM


BIHFE Program Modifications

BIHFE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate -- approved


New programs                   

CONH Honors Program -- approved


Program Deactivations and Terminations   

CEG - Computer Engineering - BSCE / Wireless -- approved


3)      The committee reviewed college admission requirements and noted that some colleges may not have sent their direct from high school admission requirements to the Senate for approval. The colleges in question include COSM, COLA and CEHS. The UCAPC representatives of these colleges agreed to explore this matter with their respective college curriculum committee to determine whether or not they need to submit updated admission requirements.


4)      The committee discussed the possibility of developing a list of UCAPC approved items that could be negotiated between the departments and Registrar’s Office without direct approval of UCAPC (e.g. transcript title of record). Members of the committee noted that if faculty relinquished control of any part of the curriculum approval process, it could become a slippery slope.  The committee decided to not move forward with this idea.


5)      The committee discussed the issue ownership of cross listed courses. Currently there is no distinction among departments that cross list a course. Under the current system, any department cross listing a course can schedule the course or initiate a curriculum modification. The committees asked the Registrar’s Office to provide a list of all undergraduate, cross listed courses to determine how many departments are involved.


6)      The committee reviewed instructions for course deactivation and termination drafted by the Registrar’s Office.


7)      The committee reviewed the Academic Policy web site being developed by the Provost’s Office. Provost Dregalla explained that his office is working to locate all academic policies within the university and post them in a single location.  It was noted that many of the “policies” are dated or do not have documented approval. Once all the policies are posted, UCAPC will need to go through all policies to determine which policies need to be updated. Those without documented approval will need to be brought to the Senate.


8)      Adjourned