Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee

Minutes of Meeting

March 13, 2013



Matt Rizki (CECS), Bev Schieltz (CoSM), Sherrill Smith (CoNH), Stephanie Davis (CEHS), Sarah Twill (CoLA), Matt Harmon (SG)


Marian Brainerd (Registrar), Mary Holland (Assoc. Registrar), Todd Brittingham (Assoc. Registrar), Dan Krane (Faculty President), Judy Chivers (Athletics)


1)      The committee approved the minutes of the February 20, 2013


2)      Course and Program Inventory Requests


a)      UCAPC reviewed the following course inventory requests:


Course modifications


               Approved as submitted:

ATR 4840, ATR 4870, BIO 2130, BIO 3700, BME 4990, CS 1000, CS 2570, CS 4370, ECE 4500, ED 2700, ED 4500, ENG 4430, HPR 3560, ME 3120, ME 3600, ME 4120, ME 4140, ME 4340, ME 4850


Approved with modifications:

ATR 4630, ED 2650, ME 4910



DEV 0970, DEV 0990, KNH 1000


New courses


               Approved as submitted:

               BIO 3250, BIO 4540


b)      UCAPC reviewed the following program inventory requests:


Program Modifications, new minors and certificates


                              Approved as submitted:

CSD Technical Study – ATS / Agriculture (AS)

WMS Women’s Studies (BA)


Approved with modifications:

ATR Athletic Training (BS)



KNH Emergency Management Minor


3)      UCAPC Chair reported that the Senate had returned the Excused Absence Guidelines that were approved by UCAPC at the February 20, 2013 meeting. The Senate instructed UCAPC to broaden the guidelines to include university sanctioned activities, jury duty, bereavement and other significant event in the lives of students.


4)      The committee reviewed the proposed University Admission Standards. The committee suggested increasing the minimum composite ACT score required for conditional admission to 15. The Chair agreed to make the modification and forward the proposed standards to the Provost’s Office for review.


5)      The committee reviewed a modification to the Academic Standing Policy. Judy Chiver’s (Athletics Department) explained that the current standard penalizes student athletes and is appears to be the most restrictive standard in Ohio. The committee proposed a modification that includes a revised definition of “good standing” and also incorporates “academic probation”. The proposed revision was sent to the Intercollegiate Athletics Department for comments.


6)      Adjourned