Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee

Minutes of Meeting

January 23, 2013



Matt Rizki (CECS), Bev Schieltz (CoSM), Sherrill Smith (CoNH), Richard Mercer (CoSM), Tom Sav (RSCOB), Sean Pollack (CoLA), Steph Davis (CEHS), Joe Law(WAC/GE)


Mary Holland (Assoc. Registrar), Jared Shank (Veterans and Military-Connected Student Committee), Drew Pringle (Chair, KNH), Richard Bullock (Chair, Ad Hoc Admission Committee)


1)      The committee approved the minutes of the January 9, 2013 meeting


2)      The committee reviewed the proposed University Admission Standards forward by the Richard Bullock, Chair of the Ad Hoc Admission Committee. In the January 9, 2013 meeting UCAPC asked that additional information be included in the admission standard to address all types of undergraduate students.In this revised proposal, UCAPC noted that there was an inconsistency in the admissions requirements that needed to be resolved. The committee also suggested that the criteria for students who apply for admission 1-5 years after graduation from high school were overly complex. Richard Bullock said he would attempt to incorporate some modifications so address UCAPCís concerns.


3)      The committee resumed discussion of an excused absence policy. Matt Rizki described the history of the two proposals before UCAPC, one forward by the Veterans and Military-Connected Student Committee (military policy) and a second drafted by the Athletics Council (athletics policy). In the January 9, 2013 meeting UCAPC decided to move forward with the military policy. Rizki explained that after the January 9th UCAPC meeting, the AAUP-WSU Executive Committee had communicated their support of a modified version of Athletics Councilís draft policy. After additional discussion the committee decided to make additional revisions of the military policy and review it again at the next meeting.


4)      The committee reviewed and approved a cross-listed course policy subject to some minor editorial changes (final recommend policy).


5)      The committee reviewed a proposed policy for granting an associate degree after a student received a bachelorís degree. Members of the committee ask for some additional information before acting on this proposal.


6)      The committee review new placement standards (Math Placement Standard, Writing Placement Standard). These standards will be applied to students admitted in 2013-2014. In the past, the Math and English departments set standard for their subject areas. Moving forward, these placement standards will be approved UCAPC and the Senate because they apply to all students.


7)      Course and Program Inventory Requests


a)      UCAPC reviewed the following course inventory requests:


Course modifications


†††††††††††††† Approved as submitted:

CEG 4980, CS 2200, EE 2010, EE 3210, KNH 1500, KNH 1510, KNH 1520, KNH 1530, KNH 2420, KNH 3500, KNH 3600, PLS 4090


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Tabled (requested additional information):

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† OL 4020, OL 4025


New courses


†††††††††††††† Approved as submitted:

†††††††††††††† WMS 4790


With departmental consent, approved a modified version of the following course:

BME 4610, CEG 2900, CEG 3900, CS 2900, CS 3900, CS 4840, EE 3810, EGR 4610


b)      UCAPC reviewed the following program inventory requests:


Program Modifications


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Approved as submitted:

Communications (COM BA)

Computer Science (CS Minor)

Health Education and Physical Education (HPR BSED)


Tabled (pending approval of OL 4020 and OL 4025):

Organization Leadership (OL BS)


4)      Adjourned