Undergraduate Curriculum


Academic Policy Committee


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

399 Joshi



1.     Approval of minutes (draft minutes)

2.     Review of course inventory requests (summary)

3.     Review of program inventory requests (summary)

4.     Late Breaking Items from CoSM (MTH1350, MTH2570, PHY4940, PostBacCert, PublicHealth, PreMedStudiesCore, PreMedStudiesAdv, PublicHealthMinor )

5.     CoSM Direct Admission Criteria (Proposed Criteria)

6.      Late Breaking Item from RSCOB (Honors Program)

7.      Discussion Item Excused Absence Guidelines (Proposed Revision)

8.     Discussion Item University Admissions Criteria (Proposed Criteria, Lake Campus Comments)

9.     Discussion Item Academic Standing (Proposed Revision)

10.  Discussion Item Curriculum and Policy Approval Process (Approved, Revised)

11.   Adjourn