Undergraduate Curriculum


Academic Policy Committee


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

399 Joshi



1.     Approval of minutes (draft minutes)

2.     Review of course inventory requests (summary of requests)

3.     Review of program inventory requests (summary of requests)

4.     Social Science Education and Modern Languages Honors Programs (HC approval, SSE, ML)

5.     Computer Science and Engineering Concentration Deactivations (summary)

6.     Department name change (ISOM to ISSCM)

7.     Handling program deactivations (summary of orphan programs)

8.     Revisit KNH 7 week course numbers (use of 0/1 final digit or A/B)

9.     Review Core Learning Outcomes form

10.  Update on prerequisite checking (Ellucian/BANNER response)

11.  Update on progress toward a new curriculum workflow

12.  Discussion of college readiness standards (summary, report)

13.  Preliminary discussion of Student Succcess (report)

14.  Adjourn