Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

March 8, 2012 Meeting

Present: Barbara Dunaway, Dennis Loranger, Richard Mercer, Joe Slater (for Karen Meyer), Tom Sav, Bev Schieltz, Sherrill Smith, Tom Sav, Roy Vice. Guests: Eric Poch, Lang Hong.

Approved minutes of  February 23, 2012.

Course Inventory

Reviewed the following Semester courses:
(Note: Committee revisions are not reflected in the following documents. Individuals should login to the Course Inventory Workflow or visit the UCAPC Quarter to Semester Transition website to review revisions.)

As agreed to by the college representatives, the committee made revisions to many of the courses.

Academic Programs

Reviewed the following CECS combined BS-MS proposal and requested additional information. The college representative agreed to take the proposal back to the college for necessary changes.

Approved the following CECS Multidisciplinary Engineering program (Proposal for Overseas Campuses)

Approved the following Economic Issues Certificate:

College Academic Admission Policies

Approved the following Admission Requirements for the RSCOB:

Academic Policies

As a continuation from its last meeting, the committee revised the Military Credit Policy in reference to the OBR Military Credit Proposal. The following incorporates the lastest revisions.

As a continuation from its last meeting, the committee revised the Course Repeat and Grade Replacement Policy Addendum. The following incorporates the lastest revisions.

Winter meetings and deadlines for submission as well as Senate approvals as follows:

Submission Deadline
(No Exceptions: receipt after
  forwards to the next meeting)
Faculty Senate
New Business
Faculty Senate
Old Business
Spring Qtr Tentatively:
Bi-weekly, Thursday
Weekly, Thursday as needed
No later than: 12:00 noon
Nine Working Days in Advance

April 2
May 7
June 4
May 7
June 4
Fall 2012 TBA