Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

September 22, 2011 Meeting

Present: Barbara Dunaway, Jean Edwards, Joe Law, Dennis Loranger, Richard Mercer, Karen Meyer, Bev Schieltz, Kathy Keister (for Sherrill Smith), Tom Sav, Roy Vice:. Guests: Mary Holland, Todd Brittingham.

Following introductions of committee members and a brief review of the UCAPC website:

Approved Minutes of June 2, 2011 (as revised)

UCAPC Subcommittee and Student Petitions Appointments

Committee members agreed to seek out volunteers to fill vacant positions where representation is still needed in the following

Course Inventory: Semester Conversion

The committee revised the  following Course Titles for Student Record

The committee decided to begin, at its next meeting, the review of the following:

Course Scheduling and Timeblocks Policy

The committee reviewed

Excerpt Approved Timeblocks Policy (from Semester Standard Credit Hour, Instruction Hour, and Scheduling Timeblocks Policy, November 2, 2009)
Excerpt Approved Standard Teaching Loads (from AAUP-WSU Administration MOU on Workload, November 12, 2010)
Proposed Timeblocks (Faculty Senate President presentation as revised September 15, 2011)

and discussed classroom needs via teaching loads across colleges. It was noted that the 7:25 time in the current approved timeblocks was voluntary, being included to enhance awareness of additional instructional options (as also exist with Saturday options that are in current use). The committee decided to continue its evaluation at the next meeting. In preparation, the committee will perform additional calculations and hopes to receive needed scheduling data from the Registrar.

Other Academic Matters

The committee reviewed and discussed the following request for a department name change

Upon concerns raised by the COSM via the Department of Biology, the committee tabled the matter until the affected departments and colleges can communicate regarding the proposal.

The committee reviewed the following need for semester degree conversion clarifications by colleges:

Semester Degree Conversion Clarifications -- All Colleges

Individual Colleges
It was decided that the colleges and their respective departments would hopefully review the documents and respond to the needed clarifications by October 12.

The committee requested that the chair attempt to get the course modification workflow operational by first obtaining a committee review of the modification ingredients and workflow procedures.

Fall meetings and deadlines for submission as well as Senate approvals as follows:

Submission Deadline
(No Exceptions: receipt after
  forwards to the next meeting)
Faculty Senate
New Business
Faculty Senate
Old Business
Current Meeting
September 22

October 3
November 7
September 29
September 22, 12:00 Noon
November 7
January 9
Fall Qtr Tentatively:
No later than: 12:00 noon
Nine Working Days in Advance

November 7
January 9
January 9
February 6