Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

May 12 and May 19, 2011 Meetings

Present May 12: Jean Edwards, Jeanne Fraker, Kathy Keister, Sarah McGinley, Richard Mercer, Tom Sav, Vaughn Shannon, Joe Slater. Guests: Mary Holland, Rudy Fichtenbaum.
May 19: Stephanie Davis, Jean Edwards, Jeanne Fraker, Kathy Keister, Joe Law, Sarah McGinley, Richard Mercer, Tom Sav, Vaughn Shannon, Joe Slater. Guests: Mary Holland.
May 26: Canceled due to time conflict wtih the University Budget Presentation.

Semester Conversion Inventory

May 12
No course inventories reviewed.

Reviewed on May 19 the following Semester courses:
(Note: Committee revisions are not reflected in the following documents. Individuals should login to the Course Inventory Workflow or visit the UCAPC Quarter to Semester Transition website to review revisions.)

May 19 Semester Courses*

*As agreed to by the college representatives, the committee made revisions to CS 1200, IE 4000, PHL 2100, PHL 3410EES 4750, HED 4430, HPR 4110, OL 4940, OL 4950, SRV 40000.

Program Conversions to Semester

May 12
The committee reviewed the following Minor program from the COSM.  Individuals should login to the Program Inventory Workflow or visit the UCAPC Quarter to Semester Transition website to review any revisions made to these programs.
May 19
The committee reviewed drafts of  the following:
Wright State Core Courses and the Distribution of Courses to Elements
Wright State Core Transfer Policy and Guidelines
Student Guide for Transition to Wright State Core


May 12
The committee considered the proposal from the administration to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to now install Saturday classes in the official semester calendar timeblock policy as previously approved.
Proposal  -- Saturday Classes:  9:00-11:40 and 1:00-3:40
There was no support for the proposal from the committee, students, or the AAUP-WSU.  It was noted, that class scheduling and teaching outside of the officially approved timeblocks are possible on a voluntary basis -- that has always been true and is presently operational with regard to some program offerings. Objections to the proposal to make Saturday classes and teaching an official part of the semester calendar timeblocks were based upon the following:
* the absence of staff and service support for students and faculty on Saturdays -- proportional staff work hours and services would have to be made available on Saturdays
* the approved timeblocks provide a  33%  increase in scheduling  whereas there is a significantly lower % increase in total  faculty teaching schedules at a given point in time in some colleges, e.g., COLA and RSCOB
* there might be consideration for possible distance learning and temporary classroom alternatives
* there needs to be a regard for students possibly attending classes 6 days per week or faculty teaching schedules increasing from 3 to 4 days or 4 to 5 days, etc.
* there needs to be a consideration or data regarding students who take Saturday opportunities for working and earning income or returning home for family needs
* there needs to be consideration of increased expenditures for commuting costs given the current and potential increases in gasoline prices
* there has yet to be developed a reasonably hard teaching and course offering schedule for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 -- it was announced that only soft schedlues of day/evening offerings are the basis of the proposal
* there is the absence of family and religious differences and needs of faculty, staff, and students
 Details of the objections will be presented to the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate. 

May 19
The committee reviewed a draft of the semester High School Preparation Policy, WSCore Courses, Policy Governing Transfer Students' Completion of the WSCore, Guidelines for Implementation of the WSU's Core Transfer Policy, and Student guide for Transition to the WSCore. The committee made several modifcations to the docments but will be requesting addiitional information before additionally acting upon these curriculum and policy matters.

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