Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

April 29, 2010 Meeting

Present: Jean Edwards, Joe Law, Richard Mercer, Tony Ortiz, Bobbie Pohlman, Tom Sav, Alpana Sharma, Fred Garber (forJoe Slater). Guests: Mary Holland.

Approved Minutes of March April 8, 2010.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, no report.

University General Education Committee (UGEC) -- Jean Edwards, Chair, no report.

Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC) -- Susan Carrafiello, Chair, the committee met on April 21 to review Liberal Studies program submission.

Course Inventory and Modification Requests

The CECS requested a tabling of the ME Semester Proposals submitted through Workflow and reviewed by UCAPC at the April 29 meeting.

Program Changes

New Programs

Academic Policies

The OBR is proposing to revise its policy for the way transfer credit is applied. Currently, it's determined by the sending institution--if it's a 200-level course there but we give credit for a 300-level course, for instance, then we give credit for the course but don't count it toward requirements for upper-level classes. The proposal would reverse it, so that in this example it would be considered 300-level. The proposed changes are as follows
The current policy is also available at
The committee asks that the University community review the proposal and provide any comments, suggestions, etc. to Joe Law, Assistant Vice President for Articulation and Transfer (joe.law@wright.edu).

The committee reviewed an outline of a possible independent study policy proposal forwarded from a senate ad hoc committee.  UCAPC members identified several issues associated with the proposal but did not yet have time to circulate it within their colleges. After gathering recommendations from that process, the committee will  proceed with an additional review.

Adjourned:  Subject to resolution of the semester workload, the committee will hold meetings every Thursday at 2:15 p.m. for the approval of semester proposals. Senate meetings for approvals are as follows:

Submission Deadline
(No Exceptions: receipt after
  forwards to the next meeting)
Faculty Senate
New Business
Faculty Senate
Old Business
One week prior to UCAPC meetings.
12:00 Noon
June 7
Fall 2010