Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of May 5, 2008

The Curriculum Committee met on April 16 and conducted the following business:

Approved Minutes of March 10, 2008.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, reported that invitations for the WAC May 2008 annual luncheon have been sent to faculty and others.

University General Education Committee (UGEC) -- Jean Edwards, Chair, no report (see below for UAPRC).

Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC) -- Susan Carrafiello, Chair. The committee met on April 2 and reviewed the General Education Program. The committee commended Jean Edwards for preparing an excellent review that shed much light on the successes to date, potential failures, and most definitely the needs of the GE Program inorder to launch it to level necessary to meet the mandates and challenges of the University System of Ohio's Strategic Plan. The committee made several suggestions for incorporating additional information into the review and will arrange for another meeting to review a revised GE report. The committee felt that the review is so important that it should be placed on the agenda for a presentation before the Faculty Senate.

Voluntary System of Accountability (Ad Hoc) Committee (VSAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, reported as follows.
The VSA Study Group was appointed by the Faculty Senate to study issues involved in implementing the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) at Wright State. The initial meetings of the group were devoted to its first charge, the selection of the test to be administered to students as part of the VSA process. The VSA Study Group recommends that the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) exam be adopted for that purpose and that it be administered in the cross-sectional version. Of the three exams approved for this purpose, only the CLA is an entirely performance based exam, calling for students to synthesize information and produce a written argument that will be assessed by readers. The other exams are either partially or machine graded multiple choice exams. In upcoming meetings the study group will address the balance of its charge—to recommend the size and selection criteria for the sample of students to be tested and to provide input concerning the discretionary items in the VSA profile—so that it can oversee the pilot implementation in Fall 2008.
Other reports: Marian Hogue, Registrar, gave an update of pre-requisite checking via Banner. For a synopsis see the Faculty Senate meeting minutes of April 7, 2008 at

Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Approved Inventories: ME 102
Approved Modifications: BME 419, BME 439, BME 492, BME 402, BME 491, BME 470, BME 464, BME 463, BME 461, BME 403, ME 317, ME 430, ME 314, ME 313, ME 213, 316
* Contact the CECS representative for information regarding the required changes in some submissions.

Approved Modifications: OA 401, VOE 463, VOE 410

Approved Inventories: ARA 101, ARA 102, ARA 103, ENG 342, GER 313, GER 361(delete), GER 361 (add),  SPN 313, SPN 384
Approved Modifications: ENG 341, ENG 343, CHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 103, CHI 201, CHI 202, CHI 203, FR 101, FR 102, FR 103, FR 201, FR 202, FR 203, GER 101, GER 102, GER 103, GER 201, GER 202, GER 203, ITA 101, ITA 102, ITA 103, ITA 201, ITA 202, ITA 203, JPN 101, JPN 102, JPN 103, JPN 201, JPN 202, JPN 203, PLS 344, RUS 101, RUS 102, RUS 103, RUS 201, RUS 202, RUS 203, SPN 101, SPN 102, SPN 103, SPN 201, SPN 202, SPN 203, SPN 361
* Contact the COLA representative(s) for information regarding the required changes in some submissions.

Approved Modifications:  NUR 304, NUR 317, NUR 415
* Being that the CONH representative or a substitute was unable to attend the meeting, contact the UCAPC chair for information regarding the required changes in some submissions.

Approved Inventories: BIO 370, BIO 447
Approved Modifications: BIO 271, BIO 490, BIO 499, CL 420, EXB 353, EXB 450, EXB 451
* Contact the COSM representative(s) for information regarding the required changes in some submissions.

Approved Inventories: CSD 287, CSD 321, CSD 322, CSD 323, CSD 324, CSD 387, CSD 479, FAS 287, FAS 331, FAS 332, FAS 333, FAS 387, FAS 479
* Contact the LC representative and the guests in attendance from the LC for information regarding the required changes in some submissions.

Program Changes

New Programs

Approved at this meeting but subsequently withdrawn (May 8) followiing discussion and by mutual agreement between the LC and the CEHS
B.S. Organizational Leadership: Agricultural Systems Specialization
B.S. Organizational Leadership:  Manufacturing Operations Specialization
B.S. Organizational Leadership:  Health Care Administration Specialization

Adjourned:  Next meeting May 14. Spring Quarter Meetings and other Schedules as follows:

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