Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

February 5, 2007 Meeting

Present: Carol Holdcraft (for Candace Cherrington), Jeanne Fraker, Roger Fulk, Qingbo Huang, Joe Law, Bobbie Pohlman, Tom Sav, David Seitz, Carol Wagner-Williams, Karen Wilhoit. Guests: Marian Hogue (Registrar).

Approved Minutes of January 8, 2007.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, reported that the committee met on January 9 and continues to develop a process of  recognizing faculty excellence in teaching writing intensive courses and excellence in student work in writing intensive courses. In this development, an on-campus workshop will be offered on May 23 and May 24 in the Nutter Center Berry Room. Announcements will be forthcoming. In the meantime faculty may contact Joe Law for additional information.

University General Education Committee (UGEC) -- Susan Carrafiello, Chair, reported via email that that the committee met on January 22. The primary topic of discussion was service learning. Cathy Sayer, the newly appointed Service Learning Coordinator for the University, joined the committee in the discussion. The November 1, 2006 minutes of the committee meeting were approved and are as follows:
Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC) -- Rudy Fichtenbaum, Chair, reported via email that none of the following 2006-07 program reviews due by February 18 have been received. Therefore, he sent a reminder to each.

Program Reviews: 2006-07
Management Information Systems (B.S.B.)
Operations Management (B.S.B.)
Management (B.S.B.)
Finance (B.S.B.)
Financial Services (B.S.B.)
International Business (B.S.B.)
Business and Administration (A.S., Lake Campus)
Music (B.A.)
Music History & Literature (B.M.)
Music Performance (B.M.)
Music Education (B.M.)
Communication Studies (B.A.)
Mass Communication (B.A.)
Organizational Communication (B.A.)
Social & Industrial Communication (B.A.)—dual major
Communication (A.A., Lake Campus)
Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Political Science (B.S.)
Sociology (B.A.)
Anthropology (B.A.)

In addition, reminders were again sent to those who needed to resubmit their program review documents (based on the their 2005-06 submissions and the committee's review and feedback) following the University guidelines and format. The programs that need to resubmit from 2005-06 are as follows:
Nursing (B.S.N.)
Organizational Leadership (B.S.) (includes Lake Campus)
Rehabilitation Services (B.S.)
Athletic Training (B.S.)

The complete schedule of program reviews and the "procedures" for submitting program reviews are available at the following UAPRC Website
Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Approved Inventories: CEG 233*
* Following the meeting the committee's request for changes in the catalog description were made by the CECS.

Approved Inventories: (Delete All from Inventory) EDL 301, EDL 302, EDL 303, EDL 304, EDL 494, EDL 495

Approved Inventories: (One Time SPR 07 offerings) JPN 203, ITA 203

Approved Inventories: BIO 446, BIO 456*, MTH 304**, MTH 305**, PSY 292
*  The committee made changes to the catalog description and they were approved by the COSM representatives.
** The committee made changes to the Title for Student Record and they were approved by the COSM representatives.
Approved Modifications: BIO 414, EXB 321

Course Prefix Changes: create EES prefix and change EH and GL prefix to EES per the fairly new combined department of Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences.
On this matter a formal proposal was not submitted by the Department but rather the Department was seeking the committee's guidance on making these prefix changes and approval for beginning to use the new EES prefix. The committee noted that such a change carries a wide scope of downstream changes that would have to be implemented throughout the university, including changes in the General Education Program that would require Faculty Senate approval , changes in university degree granting programs throughout many programs and/or colleges in the university that would require Faculty Senate approval, changes in prerequisites for many courses throughout the university that would require Faculty Senate approval, coordination with the Lake Campus through the Faculty Senate, and changes to accommodate the Ohio Transfer Module and the Articulation Agreements. The committee also noted that other combined departments on campus have successfully retained independent discipline prefixes, including the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Mathematics and Statistics, etc. and that the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences may wish to rethink moving toward a combined EES prefix. Yet, the committee would consider such a proposal as long as it addresses all the above issues in its implementation. Indeed, the committee appreciates the Department's advance notice of intent and request for guidance.

Program Changes


New Programs

* Changes were made to correct the GE Program hour requirements from the proposed 42 hours to the correct 40 hours and to correct all the CHM courses in the Supporting Requirements of the degree programs. For the M&I Option, a change was made to replace the Required Course "Clinical Microbiology" that did not carry a course designation or number with a specific course. For the Ecology Option, a change was made to improve the wording of options listed under Advanced Ecology Courses. Following the meeting the COSM agreed to the changes.

Academic Policies

Provost Office: Flu Pandemic Emergency Academic Programs Plan

The committee was informed that there has been established a University Pandemic Flu Planning Committee. The committee was also informed that the Academic/Research Subcommittee of that committee is working on finding viable solutions to providing continuity of instruction, among other things, in the event that the university had to close for a week or some extended period of time. Presently, that Subcommittee is investigating the notion that the university would want the capability of switching to a "virtual campus environment" offering most classes online. Other issues under consideration involve grading, graduation and commencement, extension of quarters, etc. The UCAPC was asked how it might assist in this endeavor of finding viable solutions and, in particular, in reference to what other universities have put in place along these lines with specific reference to the University of Maryland and its "Academic Programs Plan for Pandemic Flu Emergency" as follows
The University of Maryland's complete plan  (for administration, communications, etc.) was also noted as follows
The committee felt that this requires serious and comprehensive study and was not prepared to provide specific suggestions at this time. It was also believed that the AAUP would have to potentially have input in coordinating curriculum decisions with compensation and workload implications.  In any event, the committee looks forward to more communication and information on this effort and would like to review and provide input on forthcoming draft proposals that involve curriculum and academic policy matters that must be presented to the Faculty Senate.

Adjourned:  Next meeting March 5. Winter Quarter Meetings and other Schedules as follows:

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