Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

February 8, 2006 Meeting

Present: Susan Carrafiello, Candace Cherrington, Krystal Karshner, Nathan Klingbeil, Charles Larkowski, Carol Loranger, Joe Law,  Jerry Clark (for KT Mechlin), Mindy McNutt, Bobbie Pohlman, Tom Sav, Carol Wagner-Williams. Guests: Joyce Hail (Registrar's Office), Drew Pringle, Steve Frederick, Marietta Langlois.

Approved Minutes of January 11, 2006.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, reported that the committee continues with the process of developing a means of recognizing faculty excellence in teaching writing intensive courses and excellence in student work in writing intensive courses.

University General Education Committee (UGEC) -- Susan Carrafiello, Chair, reported on the committee activities and actions taken per the the following minutes:
Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC) -- Rudy Fichtenbaum, Chair, reported that he has received the program review documentation from the CONH and will forward that to the UAPRC committee members in preparation for a forthcoming meeting..

Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Approved Inventories: HPR 201, HPR 202, HPR 203, HED 231, HED 332, HED 334, HED 335**, HED 385*, HPR 245*, HPR 345*, HPR 445*, HPR 385*, VOE 413, VOE 414, VOE 415, VOE 416
Approved Modifications: HED 382*, HED 431, HPR 211, HPR 241, HPR 381*, HPR 410, HPR 460, HPR 481, EDE 221, EDE 223, EDE 225, EDE 227, EDE 321, EDE 323, EDE 419
* The committee made changes to the "Course Title for Student Record".
** The committee approved the "Health Communications" course proposal subject to review and approval by the COLA Department of Communications. Following the meeting, the proposal was submitted to the Department of Communications and subsequently the UCAPC chair received approval from that department. Thus, approved.

Program Changes

B.S. Early Childhood Education
B.S. Organizational Leadership
The Provost's Office forwarded a proposal from the CEHS to submit to the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) a request to make permanent each of these programs offered at LC. Previously, each program was approved by OBR as submitted by WSU and approved through the Faculty Senate curriculum process as a temporary program. The committee decided that, given the prior approval by UCAPC and the Faculty Senate, the proposals stand approved and that the Provost's Office can proceed to submit them to the OBR. Even though temporary programs are approved though the curriculum process, the Provost's Office should continue to submit to UCAPC proposals to make such programs permanent via OBR. In this way the Faculty Senate can be apprised of  such curriculum changes.

Academic Policies

Course Scheduling Use of Variable Titles or "Topics" in Non Approved Variable Topic Courses
It was brought to that attention of the committee that the Registrar's Office receives quarterly course schedules from departments, colleges, and units that contain course titles or topics that differ from the course title or topic that exists and was approved in the course inventory. While this is permissible for those courses that are "variable title courses" , it is not permissible for non variable title courses in the inventory. Upon receipt of such requests, the Registrar's Office attempts to inform departments, etc. of the problem that needs to be corrected. However, to better manage the process, the committee suggests that each department, college, and unit responsible for submitting quarterly course schedules make a request to the Registrar's Office for the full inventory of courses that have approved title or topic variations.  It is also possible to obtain this inventory information on-line.

Procedure for Implementation of Registration and Add Policy and Attendance and Drop Policy
The "Registration and Add Policy and Attendance and Drop Policy" approved by the Faculty Senate February 15, 2000 and the Board of trustees April 7, 2000 requires that implementation of all course proposals for enrollment management purposes and designated as "Instructor Permission Required after Term Begins" be submitted for approval through the university curriculum process. UCAPC has received information that this implementation procedure has inhibited the ability of departments and units scheduling classes to accommodate student demands and manage enrollments to the point where the 2000 implementation procedure makes it nearly impossible and ineffective to succeed in that objective. To correct this failure, the following change in the implementation procedure puts enrollment management decisions under this policy squarely in the hands of those better positioned to manage such, viz., departments and units responsible for putting students in classes inorder to improve timely graduation.

Transfer of "D" Grades to WSU
The new Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) policy states that beginning Fall 2005 receiving institutions should accept and apply all transfer coursework with a letter grade of " D" as it would for a native student. The policy applies to transfers from "public institutions" and applies to transfer as of Fall 2005. The WSU policy approved by UCAPC expands the transfers to all institutions (hence, including "private institutions") and additionally makes the policy retroactive to all transfers to WSU prior to Fall 2005. On the latter, the WSU policy requires that students make official requests to the Registrar's Office for the acceptance of  "D" transfers. It is important to note under the policy, if an institution or college or program requires coursework of "C" or better, then transfer students with letter grades of "D" must repeat such courses to meet those requirements. From an administrative perspective there will not be any monetary reimbursement from WSU to students under this policy. The policy is as follows:

On-line Undergraduate Catalog Changes
The issue brought to UCAPC is that while the Undergraduate Catalog is now printed every two years, the online catalog can be updated on a variety of schedules such as  every two years, yearly, quarterly, etc  Thus, how often should the online Catalog be updated? UCAPC recommends that, per our university curriculum and Faculty Senate processes, upon approval of any and all curriculum changes approved by the Faculty Senate the online catalog changes should be implemented. The exception, of course, are curriculum changes that must also receive approval by the Board of Trustees (e.g., new degree program proposals) and/or OBR. Once approved by the at those levels, the changes should be implemented online. Yet, there exists a problem as WSU moves to substitute the online Catalog for the printed Catalog. On this front, UCAPC recommends that the WSU administration create and manage a central online website location where (1) all degree programs requirements are housed and that all departmental and college websites providing degree program requirements link to that central site, (2) all approved changes in degree program requirements b instantaneously updated and incorporated at this central site, and (3) the same site for all degree programs provide an archive of all previous degree program requirements so that students, faculty, advisors, degree auditors, etc, have online access to any year degree requirements for students who contractually entered a program in the year or term admitted to the program.

Adjourned:  Next meeting March 8. Winter Quarter Meetings and other Schedules as follows:

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