Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

November 9, 2005 Meeting

Present: Candace Cherrington, Jeanne Fraker, Krystal Karshner, Nathan Klingbeil, Charles Larkowski, Joe Law, KT Mechlin, David Percy, Bobbie Pohlman, Tom Sav, Carol Wagner-Williams, Karen Wilhoit. Guests: Joyce Hail (Registrar's Office).

Approved Minutes of October 19, 2005.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, reported that the committee met on Friday, November 4, and discussed plans for  developing a means of recognizing faculty excellence in teaching writing intensive courses and excellence in student work in writing intensive courses.

University General Education Committee (UGEC) -- Susan Carrafiello, Chair, forwarded the committee report per the following minutes

Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC) -- Rudy Fichtenbaum, Chair, forwarded the committee report indicating that a slight change in the review schedule has been approved, viz., the Art programs scheduled for review in 2006-07 and the Music programs scheduled for review in 2009-10 have been switched.The current 2005-06 review remains unchanged.  The revisions are incorporated into the complete program review schedule available at the

Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Inventories: EE 440*, ISE 478
Approved Modifications: BME 439, BME 462, BME 463, BME 460, ISE 472*, ISE 473, ISE 474
* the committee made minor corrections to the proposals

Approved Modifications: HPR 330

Approved Inventories:
Delete: BIO 307, BIO 310, BIO 350, BIO 351, BIO 410, BIO 430, BIO 451, BIO 471, ENV 101, ENV 111, ENV 112, ENV 113, ENV 122, ENV 123, ENV 124, ENV 211, ENV 212, ENV 213, ENV 214, ENV 215, ENV 222, ENV 411, ENV 412, ENV 413
Inactivate: BIO 306, BIO 308, BIO 412, BIO 413, BIO 425, BIO 429, BIO 480, BIO 481
Approved Modifications: BIO 111, BIO 119, BIO 213*, BIO 230, BIO 231, BIO 306, BIO 313, BIO 314, BIO 315, BIO 316, BIO 380, BIO 404, BIO 407, BIO 421, BIO 444, BIO 452, BIO 470, BIO 476, PHY 440*
* the committee made minor corrections/additions to the proposals      
Approved Modifications: TFI 205, TAC 220, TMG 210, TMG 270

Program Changes



New Programs


Academic Policy

At the meeting it was brought to the attention of UCAPC that the Registrar's Office has been implementing department and college Course Modification Requests during the quarter in progress. For example, when the Registrar's Office has received a Course Modification Request effective Fall 2005 for a course credit hour increase, a course credit hour decrease, or for a lab fee increase after the Fall 2005 registration start or after the Fall 2005 term was in progress, the change was implemented and students enrolled in the course were thereby affected by the change. As a result, the university assessed students according to the changes and in some cases students were or could have been charged higher fees, experienced reduced financial aid, or negatively affected by their veteran's benefits. While administratively this was reported as going on for decades, the Faculty Senate or UCAPC has never been appraised of such until the current meeting. On this front, UCAPC has for many years  regularly received such Course Modifications Requests that are outdated in the sense that they were initially launched at the department level three, six, and even twelve months prior to approval by that department's college curriculum committee and forwarded to UCAPC by the college dean. For sure, observed college curriculum wheels turn slowly and that, in and of itself, need not be a problem in all cases for some curriculum decisions require careful review and consideration. Yet, college deans need to be more aware and in tune to the curriculum processes in the colleges and at the university level. Other than that, to correct the problem at hand, UCAPC drafted the policy below for consideration by the Faculty Senate. The policy proposal currently stands as a ROUGH DRAFT for consideration by the Faculty Senate and will be further reviewed and possibly changed by UCAPC at its January 11 meeting. Any feedback regarding such by the Faculty Senate via Senator constituencies would, of course, be welcomed.

Adjourned:  Next meeting January 11 and Winter Quarter Meetings and other Schedules as follows:

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