Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 19, 2005 Meeting

Present: Susan Carrafiello, Candace Cherrington, Jeanne Fraker, Krystal Karshner, Nathan Klingbeil, Charles Larkowski, Joe Law, Carol Loranger, Mindy McNutt, KT Mechlin, David Percy, Bobbie Pohlman, Tom Sav, Scott Graham (for Carol Wagner-Williams), Karen Wilhoit. Guests: Joyce Hail (Registrar's Office), Bonnie Mathies and Stephanie Davis (CEHS).

Approved Minutes of September 21, 2005.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) -- No Report
University General Education Committee (UGEC) -- Susan Carrafiello, Chair,announced that the implementation of GE Assessment is well under way and reported on actions undertaken per the following minutes
Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC) -- No Report

Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Approved Inventories: EE 475, ISE 405*, ISE 477*
Approved Modifications: CS 316*, CS 317*, ISE 406, ISE 407, ISE 431, ISE 451, ISE 470, ISE 480, ISE 482, ISE 484, CEG 429, ISE 195, ME 408, ME 412, ME 444, ME 456, ME 471*
(* the committee corrected grammatical errors and/or technical errors)

Approved Inventories: CTE 400, CTE 410*, CTE 415, CTE 420*, CTE 430*, CTE 440*, CTE 450
(* the committee corrected grammatical errors and/or made changes to student record information),
and delete from inventory
EDT 204            PC Operating Systems for Education (2)
EDT 205            Word Processing for Education (2)
EDT 206            Integrated Database Applications for Educators (2)
EDT 207            Integrating Spreadsheet Applications for Educators (2)
EDT 208            Presentation Graphics Software for Educators (2)
EDT 209            The Internet:  Applications for Educators (2)
EDT 211**            Basic Keyboarding and Document Formatting (3)
EDT 212**            Advanced Keyboarding and Desktop Publishing (3)
EDT 220**            Basic Word Processing Applications (3)
EDT 221**            Intermediate Word Processing Applications (3)
EDT 222**            Advanced Word Processing Applications/Desktop Publications (3)
EDT 305            Integrated Applications in Business/Office Technology (4)
EDT 306            Office and Records Management Systems (3)
EDT 335            Business Mathematics for Business and Marketing Teachers (3)
EDT 435         Business Education Curriculum and Materials:  Shorthand, Transcription and Secretarial Procedures (3)
EDT 491            Library Media Practicum—Elementary (1-12)
EDT 492            Library Media Practicum—Secondary (1-12)
OA 201            Beginning Shorthand (3)
OA 202            Intermediate Shorthand (3)
OA 203            Advanced Shorthand (3)
OA 210            Keyboarding (3)
OA 213            Advanced Typewriting (3)
OA 301            Beginning Transcription (3)
OA 302            Intermediate Transcription (3)
OA 303            Advanced Transcription (3)
OA 402            Problems in Office Administration (1-3)
OA 411            Office Management and Administration (3)
VOE 408            Intensive Business Education (3)
VOE 452            Workforce Teacher Performance Assessment
VOE 459            Developing Competency-Based Curriculum Materials (3)
VOE 467            Organization and Administration in Marketing Education (3)
VOE 468            Methods of Teaching Marketing Education (4)
VOE 476            Inservice Education IV (1)
VOE 477            Inservice Education V (1)
VOE 481            Curriculum in Marketing Education (3)

** Following the UCAPC meeting, the CEHS withdrew the deletions of EDT 211, 212, 220, 221, and 222 per the request of the LC -- the LC needs to and will continue to offer these courses at the Lake Campus, but they will no longer be offered at the Dayton Campus.

Approved Modifications: FIN 419*, MGT 321*
(* the committee corrected technical errors for student records)

Approved Inventories: PHL 309, PHL 310, PLS 364, PLS 374, PLS 451
Approved Modifications: HST 211, HST 212, PHL 211, PHL 301*, PHL 302*, PHL 303*, PHL 312, PHL 496*, PLS 364, PLS 374
(* the committee corrected technical errors for student records)
Approved Inventories: delete from inventory NUR 213, NUR 312, NUR 313, NUR 411, NUR 412, NUR 413
Approved Modifications: NUR 114, NUR 214, NUR 217, NUR 405, NUR 414, NUR 441, NUR 442, NUR 450, NUR 451, NUR 453, NUR 454, NUR 455

Program Changes




General Education Program

Ohio Transfer Module (OTM): Interdisciplinary Courses/Distributing Credit Hours
The committee briefly reviewed the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) current proposal for the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) so as to allow or require courses that are Interdisciplinary Studies courses to be distributed or apportioned by credit hours across different General Education Areas. The OBR has asked each institution to respond to the proposal. The committee thought it best to coordinate an administrative response to OBR with a Faculty Governance response through the Faculty Senate. Being a GE issue first and foremost, the committee charged the University General Education Committee (UGEC) with the task of reviewing the proposal, gathering feedback from each of the colleges, and coming forth with a report and recommendation that can be forwarded to the Faculty Senate.

The proposed OTM received by UCAPC is available for review as follows:

The current OTM may be reviewed at the OBR website as follows:

A side-by-side comparison of the current and proposed OTM is available as follows ( this document is still under development so please check back):

Academic Policy

Transfer to WSU of Student Grades Under "+" and "-" Grading Systems
With the forthcoming electronic transfer of grades integrated into the Banner System, it was brought to the attention of the committee that students transferring to WSU from institutions under "+" and "-" grading systems would be awarded the sending institution's "+" and "-" grade points. Because the WSU grading system does not award "+" and "-" grades, the committee believed that transfer students should be treated as equals with native WSU students. The committee proposed the following policy for consideration by the Faculty Senate:

Adjourned:  Next meeting November 9

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