Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

January 12, 2004 Meeting
Present: Jack Dustin, Jeanne Fraker, David Green, Charles Larkowski, Joe Law, Henry Limouze, Jan Maxwell, KT Mechlin, Richard Mercer, Sharmila Mukhapadhyay, Doug Nord, Tony Ortiz, Susan Praeger, Tom Sav. Guests: Manley Perkel, Nathan Klingbeil, Kuldip Rattan.

Approved Minutes of November 18, 2003

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: Joe Law, WAC Chair,  reported that the committee is presently moving forward to (1) determine if courses can be permanently designated as WI so as to replace the present process of burdening departments, colleges, and the Registrar's Office with the quarterly task of doing so in scheduling course offerings and (2) encourage departments that have been offering courses in the major that meet or exceed the WI requirements but are not designated as WI to designate them as such so that students may receive WI credit.
University General Education Committee: Henry Limouze, UGEC Chair, reported that the committee is scheduled to meet again on January 15 to begin consideration of issues regarding (1) the GE Area V Natural Sciences so to allow a single course  in a Sequence Substitution to satisfy a  Natural Science course requirement and (2) GE articulation agreements with other Ohio colleges and universities. Also, the committee has succeeded in getting the WSU website updated so that all links to the GE Program are now to the current instead of the old program..
Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Old Business:
Inventory: EGR 101 Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications. Numerous hours of meetings among faculty from the COSM and the CECS produced a successful and collegial resolution to the EGR 101 proposal (tabled at two previous UCAPC meetings). Manley Perkel, Nathan Klingbeil, and Kuldip Rattan attended the meeting and presented the COSM-CECS agreement that EGR 101 be approved for a two year period and to proceed with the CECS curriculum reforms according to the terms of an agreed upon "Plan".  UCAPC approved and extended many thanks to the guests and all involved in both colleges. The "Plan" is available for review as follows::
Approved Modifications: CEG 458, CS 208 (UCAPC had to make necessary changes to correct designations from prerequisite to catalog description), CS 209 (UCAPC had to make necessary changes to correct designations from prerequisite to catalog description), EE 301.
Approved Modifications: EDE 230 (UCAPC had to make necessary changes to prerequisites and to the catalog description and it was noted that the WI requirements for the major as presented in the syllabus needs more work for clarity and assurance that the WAC program requirements for the major are met), EDE 315 (UCAPC had to make necessary changes to include a new title for the student record), ED 417 (UCAPC had to make necessary changes to the proposed prerequisites).

Returned Inventories: PSY 301, PSY 302, PSY 303, PSY 309, PSY 402, PSY 487. The course proposals accompany the Psychology Program Changes (see below Program Changes) which are also being returned to the COSM for additional work. Thus, the committee felt it best to return all course inventory proposals in the case that the additional work on the program changes impact the course inventory proposals. Aside from that, the committee noted that the prerequisites on some of the course inventory proposals do not coincide with the prerequisites presented in the program change proposals. In addition, the committee was uncertain whether or not the 4/5 credit hour option was a student option and how it would be implemented.

Program Changes

Old Business:
Approved: Withdrawal of the November 18, 2003 Proposal for B.A.in Social Work Program Change. As reported above, the UGEC will undertake the issue raised in the November 18 Social Work Program proposal (allowing a single course in a GE Area V Sequence Substitution to satisfy an Area V course requirement) with a university wide perspective.

Approved: B.S. in Rehabilitation Services. Although the submission by the CEHS indicated changes in the Integrated Business Education and the Marketing Education programs, it was eventually determined that the CEHS did intend to submit changes only in the Rehabilitation Services program. The proposal is available as follows:

Returned: B.A. Psychology
Returned: B.S. Psychology
The committee found that the prerequisites for the new course proposals (Inventory Requests above) did not match the syllabuses attached to the course proposals and again differed from the Program Change proposals. In addition, it was noted that the Program Change proposals in regard to the GE requirements for Fine and Performing Arts, as well as the Social Sciences, were both under the old GE requirements and not the new GE requirements. It was also felt the High School Deficiency reference is a university admission requirement and should not be incorporated in a program requirement. Yet, the Program Change proposals were submitted by the COSM in the form of advising documents whereas the Program Change Procedures and Guidelines approved by the Faculty Senate and General Faculty require such changes to be submitted in the Undergraduate Catalog format. The committee did praise the COSM for doing an outstanding job in demonstrating that writing in the major is integral to each program.

New Programs

Approved: Minor in International Studies. The committee did request that when the program is presented to students that the Program Requirements section be outlined more clearly in a catalog format. The UCAPC also requests that in the future such program proposals be submitted in accordance with the Procedures and Guidelines established by the Faculty Senate and General Faculty. The proposal is available as follows:

Academic Policy

Office of the Registrar
Forwarded to University Petitions Committee: Fresh Start Program. Before acting on the request to review the policy in detail, the committee felt it necessary to gather additional information from the Petitions Committee because that committee has been in the business of Fresh Start requests and can provide more insight into the implications of possible changes to the current policy. The Registrar outline of the issues and the current policy are available as follows:
Next Winter Quarter Meeting Schedule

The committee set its next Winter Quarter meeting for February 16.  All proposals from colleges must be received with the original plus 19 copies by February 4, 12:00 noon. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered at the March UCAPC meeting.