Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

November 7, 2002 Meeting
Present: Jeanne Fraker, Burga Jung, Joe Law, Carol Loranger, Jan Maxwell, Richard Mercer, Susan Praeger, Mateen Rizki, Mary Rucker, Tom Sav, Tom Skinner (substituting for Beth Basista). Note: Mindy McNutt called in with recommendations on agenda items, but could not attend due to family emergencies.

Approved Minutes of October 3, 2002 

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: Joe Law gave a brief report on his November 4 presentation to the Faculty Senate and announced that the Senate approved the WAC Program revisions to accommodate the New Fall 2003 GE. The revisions were previously recommended by the WAC Committee and subsequently approved by the UCAPC (see October 3 minutes).
Study and Assess Writing Across the Curriculum: Carol Loranger briefly reviewed the progress of the committee and referred to the detailed written report submitted to the Faculty Senate on November 4 and previously distributed to all university faculty in the list-serve mailing of the Senate Agenda.
Course Inventory and Modification Requests 
Returned Course Inventories: GL 346. The committee was informed that the course credit hours needed to be 4.5 rather than the proposed 4.0 to meet the middle school licensure program. In addition, the committee noted that  the course syllabus proposal fell short of the minimum university requirements. The COSM representatives to UCAPC can provide details of the discussion to the college and department..

Approved Course Modifications: BIO 201, EH 368, EH 463, EH 467, EH 492, PSY 419

Returned Course Modifications: EH 467 and EH 492. The committee noted that the current catalog already contains the course titles of both course modification proposals, but hoped that the potential inaccuracies in the printed catalog could be the source of confusion. Again, the COSM representatives to UCAPC can provide detailed guidance to the college and department.

Approved Course Modifications: ART 397 (noting that UCAPC added a required change in Title for Student Record), ART 497

Returned Course Inventories: CST 220, CST 231, CST 232, CST  240, CST 241, CST  242, CST 243, CST 250, RST 261, RST 262, RST 270, RST 280, RST 290

Returned Course Modifications: CST 220, CST 230, CST 250, RST 260, RST 270, RST 280, RST 290, ART 397, ART 497

With regard to the CST and RST course modification and inventory proposals to accommodate the Fall 2003 New GE, the committee had several concerns with respect to the syllabi, including but but not limited to missing course objectives and little indication of writing intensiveness.  While the committee felt that some did not meet university requirements, it was decided that the General Education and Implementation Committee (GEIC) should first review the proposals in view of the standards GEIC imposed on other course proposals. Thus, it would be best for the COLA to submit the entire stock of course proposals to GEIC for review. The UCAPC would like to review the proposals after GEIC's recommendations are incorporated. An overview of the CST and RST modification and inventory requests is as follows:

CST and RST Modification and Inventory
Approved Course Modifications: UVC 101, UVC 102
Program Changes 
COLA: Approved Gerontology Certificate in Social Work Program Change
Add to Core Courses: SW 270
Delete from Core Courses: SW 463
Add to Electives: SW 271 and SW 389


The committee discussed the Raj Soin College of Business current effort to convert all its undergraduate programs from a three to four credit hour base for Fall 2003. At the meeting, members were provided a conversion proposal that included new business core requirements, all major and minor program changes, and a  a summary of the (detailed but forthcoming) course modification and inventory requests. Part of the discussion focused on the urgency of reviewing the proposal in view of  the (1) the College of Business class scheduling deadlines for Fall 2003, (2) university-wide Fall 2003 class scheduling work being undertaken by the Registrar and the release of additional class spaces that would be made available if Business were on four hours (it was estimated to be 50, although the committee is waiting confirmation of that estimate from the Registrar), (3) university-wide impacts on other programs in the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Education and Human Services, Engineering and Computer Science, etc. (4)  WSU Undergraduate Catalog changes that must be coordinated throughout the university with not only the College of Business proposal and its downstream impacts on other college, but also the New Fall 03 General Education Program, and (5) the desire to have incoming Fall 03 students in the College of Business on the same new Business and GE requirements. The committee did not have the proposal in advance of the meeting and, therefore did not have adequate time to review it. The committee discussed the possibility of holding a special meeting on November 14 with the proviso that all other colleges and units be given ample opportunity (as required by the procedures and processes) to review the program proposal and detailed course modification and inventory requests along with syllabi. It was quickly concluded that such a review would not be possible in that time frame. In addition, it was noted that other colleges were held to the same processes, procedures, and curriculum standards in past years. However, the committee agreed to make every effort possible to complete the review on a timely basis. Upon receipt of the complete proposal, including course modification and inventory changes accompanied by required syllabi, the UCAPC will meet on December 3 at 12 noon to make every effort possible to conduct its review in preparation for recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

To improve the efficiency of the review process, it would be most helpful to the UCAPC and ultimately the Faculty Senate if all other colleges and their respective departments and curriculum committees review the RS COB proposal and provide any comments, recommendations, etc. to their UCAPC representatives. The proposal is available to review as follows:

Raj Soin College of Business Program Changes for Conversion to Four Credit Hours
Specific course modification and inventory requests along with course syllabi will be distributed to the UCAPC college representatives before November 15.
Note: Other colleges submitting curriculum and policy proposals for review by the committee need to submit the original and 18 copies at least 8 working days in advance of the December 3 meeting.