Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of June 2, 2003

The Curriculum Committee met on May 19 and conducted the following business:


Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Approved Inventories: IB 482, IB 483
Both courses are proposed in a Title VI-A, U.S. Department of Education, funded grant. While the committee did not have the specifics of the grant, members questioned why the IB 482 was restricted to "French speaking business majors and minors only" and IB 483 to "Spanish business majors and minors only" and whether the COBA would wish to relax that restriction if not imposed by the funded grant.
Approved Inventories: SOC/ATH 202 (delete), SOC/ATH 203 (delete)
Approved Modifications: MUS 420, REL 207, REL 300
Approved Modifications: TMG 201, TAD 232, TMK 201, TAC 260
Program Changes
COLA: Approved Changes in College of Liberal Arts Admission Requirements
Available at the following: COLA Admission Requirements
Credit By Examination
COLA: Approved Modern Languages Credit By Examination Proposal
Available at the following: ML Credit By Examination

The committee does recommend that the Modern Languages Committee and the COLA consider expanding the policy so as to not restrict  "For each class in which students achieve at least a C, they would be allowed to buy credit for one of the courses they have placed out of."  That is, the committee felt that a 103 proficient student should be allowed to buy both 101 and 102 credit (rather than just "one" of the courses), a 201 proficient student should be allowed to buy the 101, 102, and 103 credit (rather than just "one" of the courses), etc.
Faculty Senate Student Petitions Committee
Appointment of Members: The 2003-04 Faculty President, Dr. Jack Dustin, has charged UCAPC with making appointments to the 2003-04 Student Petitions Committee. UCAPC reviewed the list of faculty from the individual colleges that volunteered to serve on the Petitions Committee, but cannot appoint members until each college appoints or elects members to their college petitions (or equivalent) committees. Some colleges do not do so until the Fall Quarter. Because that creates a recurring problem in establishing the Faculty Senate Petitions Committee, it is hoped that in the future colleges will  move their appointments and elections to the early Spring Quarter.

Fortunately, UCAPC was able to appoint Kt Mechlin, Assistant Professor Of Physiology & Biophysics, as the 2003-04 Chair of the Student Petitions Committee. Congratulations to Kt and certainly many thanks to her for agreeing to undertake this most important task.
The Committee adjourned for the Academic Year 2002-2003