Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of November 25, 2002

The Curriculum Committee held its second meeting of the academic year on November 7. The committee acted on the following:

Course Modification and Inventory Requests

Approved Course Modifications: BIO 201, EH 368, EH 463, EH 467, EH 492, PSY 419.
Returned Course Modifications: EH 467 and EH 492.
Returned Course Inventories: GL 346.

Approved Course Modifications: ART 397, ART 497.
Returned Course Modifications: CST 220, CST 230, CST 250, RST 260, RST 270, RST 280, RST 290.
Returned Course Inventories: CST 220, CST 231, CST 232, CST  240, CST 241, CST  242, CST 243, CST 250, RST 261, RST 262, RST 270, RST 280, RST 290.
It was requested that the CST and RST course modifications and inventories be forwarded to GEIC before review by UCAPC.
Approved Course Modifications: UVC 101, UVC 102.
Program Changes 
COLA: Approved Gerontology Certificate in Social Work Program Change
Add to Core Courses: SW 270
Delete from Core Courses: SW 463
Add to Electives: SW 271 and SW 389

RS COB: Proposal to Convert Programs and Courses to a Four Credit Hour Base

At the meeting, members received the conversion proposal for the new business core requirements, all major and minor program changes, and a summary listing of the course modification and inventory requests. Upon receipt of the complete proposal, including specific course modification and inventory changes accompanied by syllabi, the committee plans to meet on December 3 to make every effort possible to conduct its review in preparation for recommendations to the Faculty Senate on January 6..

To improve the efficiency of the review process, it would be most helpful to the UCAPC if  Faculty Senators could work with their colleges in reviewing the proposal and provide any comments, recommendations, etc. to their UCAPC representatives in sufficient advance of December 3. The proposal is available to review as follows:

Raj Soin College of Business Program Changes for Conversion to Four Credit Hours
Specific course modification and inventory requests along with course syllabi will be distributed to the UCAPC college representatives before November 15 and may be reviewed by contacting those representatives.
Colleges submitting other curriculum and policy proposals for review by the committee need to submit the original and 18 copies at least 8 working days in advance of the December 3 meeting.