Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of October 14, 2002

The Curriculum Committee held its first meeting of the academic year on October 3. The committee:

Discussed the charge to Study and Assess Writing Across the Curriculum

Jim Sayer, President of the University Faculty, explained to and discussed with the committee the charge to conduct an in-depth assessment of WAC. In particular, this fall quarter marks the seventh year of Wright State University's "Writing Across the Curriculum" policy, having been implemented with the start of fall quarter 1996.  After a full six years of implementation, it is time to study and assess the effectiveness and impact of that program. Accordingly, UCAPC is charged with the responsibility of conducting an in-depth assessment of WAC this academic year, such assessment to be completed no later than the beginning of spring quarter 2003. Specifically, the assessment is to include both quantitative and qualitative elements, with ALL members of the university faculty, both full-time and part-time, encouraged and facilitated to offer their observations and conclusions.The assessment should include:
1. An examination of the program's impact vis-à-vis the program's stated goals;
2. An assessment of the mechanics of the program: are six writing-intensive GE courses appropriate (too little; too much; just right); are two writing-intensive courses in the major appropriate; is the separation of the course grade from the writing grade something that should be reconsidered?
3. A request to have each department chair and dean offer his/her specific analysis of WAC, including:
(a) the perceived impact that WAC in GE has had upon the writing skills of majors in his/her department; and
(b) the perceived impact that WAC in the major has had upon the writing skills of majors in his/her department.
It is imperative that this study be done critically and objectively.  If WAC is the greatest thing since night baseball, then that should be substantiated to the satisfaction of the general faculty.  If, on the other hand, WAC has some severe problems, then those problems need to be identified clearly, with specific suggestions offered for remediation.
Fall Quarter Meeting Schedule
The committee agreed to meet at 12:00 Noon on November 7 and (tentatively, depending on exam schedules of members) December 3.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary.
Appointment of Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, Chair
Appointed Joe Law, Coordinator of Writing Across The Curriculum And Associate Professor of English as Chair of Writing Across the Curriculum Committee
Appointment of Members to the Student Petitions Committee of the Faculty Senate
UCAPC conducted this business via email prior to the meeting. The following recommendations were forwarded to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and approved with that Committee appointing the chair:
Faculty Senate Constituients:
Mechlin, KT; Chair, COSM
Bogan, Barbara; CONH
Kerlin, Timothy; CEHS
Menart, James; CECS
Sammons, Martha; COLA
Watson, Fred; COBA
Lake Campus (to be appointed)
Jim Sayer, Faculty President (Ex Officio)
Non-voting Members:
Hail, Joyce; Sec, Registrar's Office
Howard, Lillie; Provost's Office
Melton, Juanita; University College
Sauter, Dave; Registrar
Student (to be appointed)
Student (to be appointed)
Course Modification and Inventory Requests
Inventory: EDE 270 (approved by UCAPC chair during the 2002 summer)
Modification: ED 415 (approved by UCAP chair during the 2002 summer)
Approved Modifications: ED 432
Approved Course Modifications: STT 430*, STT 464*, ANT 426, ANT 445, GL 201, MTH 343, SST 342 
Program Changes
Writing Across the Curriculum Program: Changes for Fall 2003 Implementation of New General Education Program
After much discussion of issues that are best reserved for consideration in this year's charge to UCAPC to study and assess WAC, the committee approved the following:
Future Agenda Items
Credit by Examination Policy
The Committee began a review of this policy last academic year with the intention of carrying its review forward to this year. Much information from the Registrar was required to conduct this review. The committee will contact the Registrar to determine the status of previous requests for information.
Response to UCAPC's email to faculty and staff calling for concerns, issues, etc. pertinent to the committee's responsibility
Many emails were received regarding issues related to parking, compensation, campus food service prices, etc. etc. The chair decided it best not to bring those issues before the committee for consideration. One email actually did raise a concern related to an academic policy, removing an "F" for cheating, but it needed much clarification. The individual submitting the concern was asked to submit more detail for future consideration by the committee.
Conversion to 4 credit hour base in the College of Business
It was announced that the College of Business faculty voted to convert from a 3 credit hour to a 4 credit hour base in course offerings. Depending on the implementation of the conversion, whether it be Fall 2003 or later or in increments seems somewhat uncertain at this time, the committee anticipates future degree program changes and course modification and inventory proposals to accommodate the conversion.
Study and Assess Writing Across the Curriculum
Given the charge to the committee (outlined above) to Study and Assess Writing Across the Curriculum (SAWAC), it was discussed and decided to create an ad hoc subcommittee of UCAPC to carry out the charge. Much appreciation was extended to Carol Loranger for agreeing to undertake the grueling task of chairing the committee. It was further decided that the SAWAC committee would be comprised of faculty representatives from CECS, COBA, COLA (one in addition to Carol Loranger), COSM, CONH, CEHS, LC, as well as the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee Chair, a student government representative, at least one other member from UCAPC, and representation from other campus units as deemed necessary. Formation of the committee will take place over the next week.
The committee scheduled its future meetings for November 7 and (tentatively) December 3.  Colleges submitting curriculum and policy proposals for review by the committee need to submit the original and 18 copies at least 8 working days in advance of scheduled meetings.