Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Monday, February 10, 2003
3:00 p.m. 158 University Hall

I. Call to Order 

II. Approval of Minutes of January 13, 2003 (and Janurary 22, 2003 continuation meeting)

III. UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum
Study and Assess Writing Across the Curriculum
IV. Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Inventory: CS 300, CS 301, CEG 333
Modification: CS 400, CS 470
Modification: HPR 211, HPR 261, HPR 353, HPR 355, HPR 460, HPR 481
Inventory: PLS 341, PLS 344, PLS 444, PLS 445, PLS 456
Inventory: BIO 111, BIO 213, BIO 230, BIO 231, EH 452, EH 457, GL 346, M&I 426, M&I 445, BIO 221, BIO 267, BIO 367, BIO 451, EXB 321, EXB 355, EXB 450, EXB 451, EXB 452 
Modification: BIO 470, SM 145, BIO 107, CHM 106, CHM 107, BIO 194, BIO 260, BIO 352, BIO 353, BIO 354, BIO 466, BIO 482, EH 362, EH 416, EH 454, EH 431, EH 467
Modification: NUR 217, NUR 218, NUR 321, NUR 322, NUR 323, NUR 324, NUR 421, NUR 422, NUR 423, NUR 424, NUR 425
V. Program Changes
Department of Educational Leadership

    B.S.Ed. Integrated Business Education
    B.S.Ed. Marketing Education
    B.S. Organizational Leadership
    B.S.Ed. Vocational Education

Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

    B.S.Ed. Athletic Training With Teaching
    B.S.Ed. Athletic Training Without Teaching
    B.S.Ed. Health and Physical Education

Department of Human Services

    B.S. Rehabilitation Services

Department of Teacher Education

    B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education
    B.S.Ed. Middle Childhood
B.S. in Nursing
B.S. in Nursing: RN/BSN Completion Option
Department of Biological Sciences
BS in Biology
BS in Biology—Bioinformatics Option
BS in Biology—Exercise Biology Option
BS in Environmental Health Sciences
BS in Clinical Laboratory Science
BS in Biology—Dual Major with Chemistry
BA in Biology
BS in Biology—Biology Education
BA in Biology—Biology Education
Minor in Biology
Department of Chemistry
BS in Chemistry (ACS Certification)
BS in Chemistry (Pre-med Option
BA in Chemistry
BS in Chemistry—Chemistry Education
BS in Chemistry—Dual Major Requirements
Department of Geological Sciences
BS in Geology
BA in Geology
BS in Geology—Environmental Geosciences Option
BA in Geology—Environmental Geosciences Option
BS in Geology—Geophysics Option
BA in Geology—Earth Science/Chemistry Education
BA in Geology—Life Science/Earth Science Education
BA in Geology—Earth Science/Chemistry Education
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
BS in Mathematics/Pure Math Concentration
BS in Mathematics/Computing Concentration
BS in Mathematics/Statistics Concentration
BS in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics Concentration
BS in Mathematics/Mathematics Education Concentration
BA in Mathematics
BS in Mathematics/Dual Major
BA in Mathematics/Dual Major
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Statistics
Department of Physics
BS in Physics
BS in Physics—Dual Major with Mathematics
BS in Physics—Geology Option
BS in Physics—Biology Option
BS in Physics—Computing Option
BA in Physics
BA in Physics—Physics Education
BA in Physics—Physical Sciences Education
BA in Physics—Life Sciences/Physics Education
BA in Physics—Earth Science/Physics Education
Department of Psychology
BS in Psychology
BA in Psychology
Minor in Psychology
VI. Adjournment