Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

January 10, 2002 Meeting

Present: Roderic Brame, Jeanne Fraker, Jan Maxwell, Katie Mechlin, Doug Nord, Patricia Renick, Tom Sav, Harvey Wachtell, Kefu Xue. 

Approved Minutes of November 27, 2001.

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee Report

The committee is scheduled to meet Monday, January 14.
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Course Modifications: FR 331, FR 332, PLS 435
To meet university requirements, the committee had to change FR 332 and PLS 435  with regard to "title for student record."
Approved Course Inventories: BIO 271, BIO 380, CHM 246, PHY 246
Per request of the COSM, the committee changed the BIO 271 proposal so as to delete cross listing the course with CS 271.
In addition, the proposal for BIO 471 was withdrawn by the COSM pending the development of CS 471 by the CECS.
Approved Course Modifications: PHY 106, PHY 116
Program Changes
COSM: Approved Medical Technology Major Change
Change Name to Clinical Laboratory Science
New Programs
COSM: Approved Minor in Biological Sciences
BIO 112, 114, 115: 12 hrs
  (or nonmajor equivalents, with approval)
BIO 492:  2 hrs
BIO or approved EH electives:  22 hrs
  Total 36 hrs

The approved proposal  to be submitted to the Faculty Senate is available to view and print as a PDF as follows: 
Minor in Biological Sciences
Also, the proposal is available for review in the Faculty Office.

Academic Policy
Credit by Examination
The committee revisited the policy based on its October 30 review and request for additional information from the Provost's Office.  Overall, the committee members in attendance felt that the additional documentation provided by the Provost's Office is quite clear in providing policies and guidelines for awarding credit by examination.  However, following the meeting, some issues were raised by at least one representative who was unable to attend the meeting.  Thus, the committee may wish to further review the policies.  Also, the committee did find that the documentation on CLEP examination for credit provided by the Provost's Office and recorded in the Office of the Registar was not accurate and/or outdated.  Student advisors are providing this curriculum information to students or students are relying on this curriculum information obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Univeristy College or other sources in order to make curriculum decisions.  Therefore, the committee recommends that the Provost's Office update the CLEP examination for credit policies determined by departments and colleges across campus and also include, for the first time, similar guidelines or information regarding proficiency by examination policies.  The committee recommends that this be integrated with the new General Education Program and be made available with its implementation in the Fall 2003.
The committee, in keeping with tradition, scheduled its next meeting for Thursday, February 14.  Colleges submitting curriculum proposals for review by the committee need to submit the original and 18 copies NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m., February 5.