Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

May 22, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Jennie Gallimore, Joe Law, Jeff Wehmeyer (for Jan Maxwell), Richard Mercer, Patricia Renick, Tom Sav, Mark Sirkin, Tim Wood. Guests from the COLA: Jack Dustin, Jerri Killian, Mary Wenning

Approved Minutes of April 19 UCAPC Meeting

Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Approved Course Inventories: HEB 100
Approved Course Modifications: M&I 426, M&I 445, BIO 201, BIO 401, BIO 399
Approved Course Inventories: CHM 437, EH 499, EH 453, MT 447, MT 449, MT 450, PSY 215, SM 205
Course Inventory Tabled: EH 457 was discussed as a possible duplicate to an existing course offered by the CECS. The proposed course is being returned to the COSM. The committee requests that the COSM coordinate the proposal with the CECS if it is to be resubmitted to the committee.
Approved Course Modifications: ATR 261, ATR 284, ATR 285, ATR 286, ATR 303, ATR 361, ATR 384, ATR 385, ATR 386, ATR 460, ATR 485, ATR 486, ED 327, ED 407
Approved Course Inventories: UVC 111
Program Changes
CECS: Approved B.S. in Computer Science Program Change
Increase required Science hours from 3 to 4 credit hours
Degree Requirements Change: Increase to 193 credit hours

The proposal is available for review in the Faculty Office.

COLA: Approved B.A. and B.S. in Urban Affairs, Concentration in Public Administration Change
Allow substitution of Ohio Certified Public Manager Program Certificate (340 contact hours) for twelve credit hours (90 contact hours) of URS electives
Degree Requirements Change: No Change

The proposal is available to view and print as a PDF
B.A. and B.S. in Urban Affairs
Also, the proposal is available for review (with all documentation) in the Faculty Office.

New Programs

COLA: American Humanics Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Core Courses 11 hours (includes internship or approved 300 hours of supervised service ,4 hours)
Specialization Courses 12 hours
Total 23 hours

The committee has not yet received a written response to the proposal from the COBA. Thus, the proposal was approved conditional on that response and any further coordination between the COLA and the COBA not requiring additional review by the UCAPC.

Adjournment: The Committee adjourned for the the Academic Year 2000-01.

****  Addendum  ****
May 25, 2001

Representatives from the COBA and the COLA met to further discuss the the American Humanics Certificate proposal. It was agreed to change the name of the proposal to American Humanics Nonprofit  Certificate Program and to replace references to management with administration, where appropriate. Therefore, the revised program proposal is approved by the UCAPC and is available to view below as a PDF

American Humanics Nonprofit Certificate

Also, the proposal is available for review (with all documentation) in the Faculty Office.