Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

April 19, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Janice Gabbert, Jennie Gallimore, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Richard Mercer, Patricia Renick, Tom Sav, Tim Wood. Guests from the COLA: Mary E. Mazey, Sharon Nelson, Carol Nathanson, Ed Fitzgerald, Gary Pacernick.

Approved Minutes of March 12 UCAPC Meeting

Report of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

Joe Law, WAC Coordinator, submitted his report via e-mail. The WAC Committee met on Friday, April 6, 2001. The agenda consisted of a brief report on the student focus group conducted at the end of the previous quarter and a discussion of whether accommodations in addition to the independent writing project might be needed for returning students who need to complete two WI courses in the major. No action was taken on the discussion.
Unfinished  Business
Process, Procedures, and Guidelines for New Programs & Program Changes
The committee finalized work on integrating the Ohio Board of Regents procedures and guidelines for reviewing and approving new major degree programs into the WSU internal curriculum review and approval processes. Presently, our internal requirements do not substitute for the OBR requirements. As a result, departments, colleges, or schools initiating new programs are burdened with following two different review and approval paths with different requirements. That unnecessarily inhibits timely implementation of new programs. The committee's revision is intended to correct the above problems and accelerate the review and approval process. At the same time, the committee took the opportunity to revise the policies, procedures, and guidelines for proposing new minor programs and new certificate programs, as well as the same for proposing changes to existing programs.

The complete proposal to be submitted to the Faculty Senate is available for review at:

The proposed changes would replace the current procedures and guidelines available at:: 
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
COLA: CHI 111 (one-time, approved by chair during spring break)
Approved Course Inventories: ED 407
Approved Course Modifications: HED 432, OA 201, OA 202, OA 203, OA 210, OA 301, OA 411, OA 401
Approved Course Modifications: MS 438
Approved Course Inventories: SOC 300, PLS 461, SOC 422, SOC 457, SOC 459
Approved Course Modifications: NUR 304, NUR 498
Approved Course Inventories: PHY 346, PHY 445, PHY 446, PHY 447, SM 446

Approved Course Modifications: PHY 461
Enrollment Restriction as "Instructor Permission Required After Term Begins" :MTH 102, MTH 126, MTH 127, MTH 128, MTH 129, MTH 130, MTH 131, MTH 143, MTH 145, MTH 228, MTH 229, MTH 230, MTH 231, MTH 232, MTH 233, MTH 243, MTH 244, MTH 253, MTH 257, STT 160, STT 264, STT 265 

New Programs
Approved the COLA Liberal Studies Major Proposal (B.A.):
General Education 57 hours
College of Liberal Arts
          Foreign Language 20 hours
          Research Methods 12 hours
Major (60 hours)
          Core 24 horus
          Concentration 36 hours
Electives 23 hours
Total 192 hours
The proposal is available to view and print as a PDF File:
        (without appendicies to the proposal)
Liberal Studies Major Proposal (B.A.)
Also, the proposal is available for review (with all appendices) in the Faculty Office.
Approved the COLA Criminal Justice Major Proposal (B.A.)
General Education 57 hours
Foreign Language/Research Methods 24-32 hours
Criminal Justice Core Requirements 20 hours
Criminal Justice Foundation Areas 36 hours
        (3 courses from each area: Behavior, Institutions, Law)
Criminal Justice Electives 12 hours
General Electives  35 hours
Total 192 hours
The proposal is available to view and print as a PDF File
        (without appendicies to the proposal)
Criminal Justice Major Proposal (B.A.)
Also, the proposal is available for review (with all appendices) in the Faculty Office.

Scheduled Meetings: The committee scheduled its final meeting for the academic year for May  22 at 3:00.  As such, the committee wishes to inform all colleges, schools, and academic units that any curricular matters to be reviewed by UCAPC at their final meeting this academic year must be received by noon May 15. Curricular matters received after this will be forwarded to next year's committee for consideration in October 2001