Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

March 12, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Janice Gabbert, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Richard Mercer, Tom Sav, Mark Sirkin, Tim Wood, (Mindy Young, Lake Campus, comments on UCAPC business transmitted prior to meeting) .

Approved Minutes of February 19 UCAPC Meeting

Unfinished Business

Process, Procedures, and Guidelines for New Undergraduate Programs
The committee's single item of business concerned its continuing work on integrating the Ohio Board of Regents procedures and guidelines for reviewing and approving new major degree programs into the WSU internal curriculum review and approval processes. Presently, our internal requirements do not substitute for the OBR requirements. As a result, departments, colleges, or schools initiating new programs are burdened with following two different review and approval paths with different requirements. That unnecessarily inhibits timely implementation of new programs.

Therefore, working in conjunction with the Associate Provost, the UCAPC has drafted a revision of the policies, procedures, and guidelines for proposing new major programs. The revision is intended to correct the above problems and accelerate the review and approval process. At the same time, the UCAPC took the opportunity to revise the policies, procedures, and guidelines for proposing new minor programs and new certificate programs, as well as the same for proposing changes to existing programs. Some of these latter changes are merely updating language to reflect faculty governance changes (e.g., from Academic Council to Faculty Senate). Yet, some changes involve suggested formats for submitting proposals, etc.

The UCAPC hopes to finalize the proposed changes at its April meeting and forward these to the Faculty Senate for consideration. The complete DRAFT of currently proposed changes is available for review at:

For comparison, the present procedures and guidelines are available for review at the site that the committee made available earlier this year: