Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

February 19, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Janice Gabbert, Amer Maher (for Jennie Gallimore), Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Richard Mercer, Patricia Renick, Tom Sav, Eric Schwesser, Mark Sirkin, Mindy Young.

Approved Minutes of January 22 UCAPC Meeting

Unfinished Business

CECS: approved course inventory EE 326
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Course Inventories: BME 195

Approved Course Modifications: BME 419, BME 420, BME 464, BME 491,HFE 431, HFE 481, ISE 431, ISE 481

Approved Course Inventories: VOE 101, EDE 307

Approved Course Modifications: RHB 402, ED 311*, ED 411*, ED 417, EDE 221*, EDE 223*, EDE 225*, EDE 227*, EDE 230, EDE 231, EDE 300, EDE 301, EDE 302*, EDE 303, EDE 315, EDE 317, EDE 321*, EDE 323*, EDE 401, EDE 419, EDE 440, EDE 464

* approved subject to minor revisions that require inclusion of title for student record and re-wording of prerequisites 

Approved Course Modifications: IB 486
Approved Course Inventories:  SOC 460 (subject to revision of title for student record)

Returned Course Inventories: SOC 300 Measurement and Inference -- In addition to noting that prerequisite MTH 120 is not an existing course, the committee requested a clarification of the course content, including specific applications of measurement and inference to sociology and anthropology, followed by a course title that reflects such applications.

Approved Course Modifications: PLS 384

Process, Procedures, and Guidelines for New Undergraduate Programs
The committee continued its review of  the Associate Provost's request for integrating the Ohio Board of Regents' procedures for new degree programs into the WSU guidelines.  Additional questions were raised regarding the extent to which the OBR materials submitted to the committee were outdated.  Based on recent work in putting together new program proposals it was noted that the OBR may no longer require all or part of the detailed financial statements.  Also, in order to proceed, the committee needs additional information on past practices of submitting to OBR the "Preliminary Prospectus" and the "Formal Application" and the extent to which the "Preliminary" has differed from the "Formal."  The committee further discussed the possible issues related to the submission of new degree and program proposals to OBR prior to their review and approval by faculty governance.  It was decided to attempt to gather the necessary information from the Provost's Office and work toward drafting a document for the committee to review at its next meeting.

Scheduled Meetings: The committee scheduled its next meeting for March 12 at 2:00.