Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

January 22, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Janice Gabbert, Jennie Gallimore, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Richard Mercer, Barbara O'Brien, Tom Sav, Mark Sirkin, Mindy Young.

Approved Minutes of December 13 UCAPC Meeting

Report of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

Joe Law, WAC Coordinator, reported that on January 12 the WAC Committee met to discuss ways to implement the recommendations of the outside reviewers and developed a number of ideas that will be incorporated into an action plan responding to the review.
Unfinished Business
Course Inventories
COLA: approved ML (FR) 313
CECS: EE 326 (postponed per COSM request for review)
Program Changes: Receiving no additional information from the COSM, Department of Chemistry, or the CECS, the committee
Approved: Mechanical Engineering Program Changes
Deletions: CHM 122 (5 hrs) & Reduce Technical Electives (1 hr)
Additions: EGR 190 (3 hrs) & EGR 191 (3 hrs)
Degree Requirements Change: No change
Approved Material Sciences and Engineering Program Changes
Deletions: CHM 122 (5 hrs) & Reduce Technical Electives (1 hr)
Additions: EGR 190 (3 hrs) & EGR 191 (3 hrs)
Degree Requirements Change: No change
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Course Inventories: VOE 101 (one time WTR 2001)
Approved Course Modifications:
Enrollment Restriction as "Instructor Permission Required After Term Begins"
NUR 217, NUR 218, NUR 321, NUR 322, NUR 323, NUR 324, NUR 421, NUR 422, NUR 423, NUR 424

Program Changes

COLA: Approved Modern Languages, French
Deletions: FR 323
Additions: FR 313
Degree Requirements Change: No change
CEHS: Approved Organizational Leadership
Admission Requirements
Two year Associate or Technical Degree
Equivalent (90 qtr. hrs.) and
Minimum of 2.0 GPA and
Two of three prerequisites (ACC 201, EC 201, or Mgt 200)
Process, Procedures, and Guidelines for New Undergraduate Programs
The committee reviewed the Associate Provost's request for integrating the Ohio Board of Regents' procedures for new degree programs into the WSU guidelines.  Questions were raised regarding the extent to which the OBR materials were outdated and how the OBR preliminary prospectus process has been administratively coordinated with our internal curriculum review processes.  While the OBR requirements were found to be much more imposing than our internal requirements and likely go beyond the scope of curricular matters, the committee decided to continue its review and attempt to work toward the development of integrated guidelines and procedures that could possibly expedite the OBR process.
New Registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy, Implementation Procedure
In regard to designating courses beginning Fall Quarter 2001 with an enrollment restriction "Instructor Permission Required After Term Begins," the committee reviewed the Registrar's January 16 Production Schedule memorandum, noting the following administrative dates

 January 16  Fall 2001 schedule draft sent to Deans and Department Chairs
 February 19  Draft #1 revisions sent to Registrar
 March 5  Draft #2 sent to Deans and Department Chairs
 March 9  Day/Evening classes sent to Printing Services
 March 12  Schedule returned to Registrar
 March 23  Class Schedule forwarded to Printing Services
 March 30  Last Day for any changes to printed schedule

Scheduled Meetings: The committee scheduled its next two meetings for February 19 and March 12 at 2:00. The committee considers all curriculum requests and proposals (original plus 18 copies) that are received at least one full week in advance of scheduled meetings.