Dayton Campus

Wright State's Dayton Campus has articulation agreements with several two-year/community colleges. (To view these files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.)

Agreements with Community Colleges:

Articulation Agreements are currently being revised for semesters. We will be adding new agreements as they are received, please check back if your major is not listed.

If there isn't an agreement for your major below, we recommend you speak with your academic advisor at your current college/university to complete the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM).   A list of Ohio Transfer Modules is available through the Ohio Board of Regents’ Credit Transfer website. 

You can also check for Transfer Assured courses by using the Ohio Board of Regents’ Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) Reporting System.  This website will help you cross-reference approved courses with other schools and Wright State.

Northwest State Community College

Rhodes State Community College

Sinclair Community College

Lake Campus


A partnership between Wright State University–Lake Campus and Career-Technical Programs in the State of Ohio has been designed to recognize and to reward those graduates who have acquired the skills for credit in specific introductory courses.  Wright State University–Lake Campus will recommend credit to graduates who completed approved high school courses (outlined below).

The Articulated Credit Verification of Course Completion form is to be used for students who completed approved high school courses (by Ohio Department of Eduction (ODE) Education Management Information System (EMIS) subject code) in order to verify their completion of the learning outcomes and to receive recommended credit and/or course equivalency at Wright State University-Lake Campus. 

Note: Only approved courses with grades of “B” or better will receive recommended credit and/or course equivalency at Wright State University-Lake Campus. 

If you have specific questions concerning articulation please contact:

Dr. Joe Law, Assistant Vice President for Articulation and Transfer
(937) 775-2155


High school course Animal Science and Technology (010910) or Animal Nutrition, Health, and Reproduction (010915) is equivalent to FAS 2030 - Introduction to Animal Science (3 credits).

High school course Plant and Horticultural Science (010155) or Agronomic Systems (010620) is equivalent to FAS 2040 - Introduction to Agronomy (3 credits).  

These high school courses may have alternative titles.  Please verify prospective credit with a guidance counselor.

Food Science/Food Systems Management

High school course Science and Technology of Food (011010) is equivalent to FAS 2000 - Introduction to Food Science (3 credits).  

This high school course may have an alternative title.  Please verify prospective credit with a guidance counselor.

Law Enforcement/Law Enforcement Academy

High school course The American Criminal Justice System (170911) is equivalent to LE 1000 - Introduction to Law Enforcement (3 credits).

High school course Police Work and Practice in Public Safety (170913) or Homeland Security Protecting America’s Critical Infrastructure (170916) is equivalent to LE 1010 - Criminal Law for Law Enforcement (3 credits).

High school course Investigations and Forensics in Criminal Investigations (170914) is equivalent to LE 1040 - Procedures in Crime Investigation (3 credits).

These high school courses may have alternative titles.  Please verify prospective credit with a guidance counselor.