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Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay


Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45435   

email: smukhopa@cs.wright.edu


Ph.D.                           (Materials Science & Engineering))

                                    Cornell University.                                           GPA: 3.99/4.00

M. S.                           (Solid State Physics),

                                    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur      First Class

B. S.                            (Physics Hons.),

                                    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur      First Class


1997- present             Dept of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

                                    Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.

1990-1997                   Dept. of Metallurgy & Materials Science (Subsequently merged into the Chemical Engineering & Chemistry Departments), Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY.

1989 - 1990                 Post- Doctoral Associate, Ceramic Research Center,           

                                    Rutgers University, Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ.

1983 - 1989                 Graduate Research Assistant, Cornell University

                                    Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

2000-03                       Summer Faculty Fellow, Propulsion Directorate, WPAFB

Summer, 1986 Consultant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


  •      American Ceramic Society

  •      ASM International

  •      Materials Research Society

  •      American Vacuum Society

  •      American Society for Engineering Education


  •        Biographed in Marquis "Whos Who in America", and in "Whos Who in Science and Engineering"

  •        Certificate for National Ranking (top 10) at the Indian School Certificate Examination.

  •        Merit Scholarship for B.S. performance.

  •        Multiple Research Awards from NSF, NASA, AFOSR, OBOR, DOE etc.



    1)    "Interfaces in Electronic Materials" Edited by L.Cook, D. Misra, S. M. Mukhopadhyay & W. Wong-Ng, to be published by the Electrochemical Society, (in press)

    2)    "MPMD FIFTH GLOBAL INNOVATIONS PROCEEDINGS: Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials and Trends in LIGA, Miniaturization and Nanoscale Materials", Edited by Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay, Sudipta Seal, Narendra Dahotre, Arvind Agarwal and John E. Smugeresky, March 2004.


    3)    S. M. Mukhopadhyay R. V. Pulikollua and A. K. Roy, "Surface modification of a microcellular porous solid: carbon foam", Applied Surface Science, March 2004.

    4)    S. M. Mukhopadhyay, R. Pulikollu, E. Ripberger & A. K. Roy, "Surface Modification of Graphitic Foam", Journal of Applied Physics, 93, 2, Jan 2003.

    5)    Paul N. Barnes, Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay, Swaminathan Krishnaswami, Timothy J. Haugan, Justin C. Tolliver and Imaan Maartense, "Correlation between the XPS Peak Shapes of Y1Ba2Cu3O7-x and Film Quality", IEEE Trans. on Appl. Superconductivity, 13, 3643 (2003).

    6)    P. N. Barnes, T. J. Haugan, J. T. Grant, S. M. Mukhopadhyay, C. B. Cobb, M. Sumption, and J. C. Tolliver, AC Loss and XPS Issues of YBCO Coated Conductors, Ceramic Transactions (2004).

    7)    P.Joshi, R.Pulikollu & S.M.Mukhopadhyay, "Nanometer-scale Coatings for Nano-structured Solids", Surfaces & Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials, TMS Proceedings, 2004.

    8)    S. M. Mukhopadhyay, R.V.Pulikollu & A.K.Roy, "Surface Engineering Issues in Composite Core Structures" ICCM-14, July 2003, published by Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Article # TP03PUB296.

    9)    S. M. Mukhopadhyay, P. Joshi, S. Datta and J. MacDaniel, "Plasma Assisted Surface Coating Of Porous Solids", Applied Surface Science, 201, 219-226 (2002).

    10) S. Sathiraju, R. Wheeler, P.Barnes, T. Peterson, I. Maartense, A. Campbell, R. Nekkanti, L. Brunke, N. Yust, K. Fields, T. Campbell, T.Haugan, J. Tolliver, S. Vemulakonda, S. M. Mukhopadhyay, Q. Jia and P. Arendt., "Phase Formation of YBa2Cu3-xNbxOy (x=0.25,0.5,0.75 AND 1) Thin Films", Electrochemical Society Proceedings, (2004).

    11) P.N. Barnes, S. Mukhopadhyay, R. Nekkanti, T. Haugan, R. Biggers, and I. Maartense, XPS depth profiling studies of YBCO layer on buffered substrates, Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 48B, pp. 614-618 (2002).

    12) S. M. Mukhopadhyay, N. Mahadev and P. Joshi, A. K. Roy, K. Kearns and D. Anderson "Structural Investigation of Graphitic Foam", Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 91, No 5, 3415-3420, (2002).

    13) S. M. Mukhopadhyay, P. Joshi, S. Datta, J.G.Zhao, P. France, "Plasma Assisted Hydrophobic Coatings in Porous Materials", J. Phys. D: Appl Phys, 35, 1927-1933, (2002).

    14) S. M. Mukhopadhyay, S. Krishnaswami, P. N. Barnes, T. J. Haugan, J. C. Tolliver and C. B. Cobb "Photoelectron Spectroscopy of YBCO Coated Conductors", submitted to Physica C, in review.

    15) S. M. Mukhopadhyay and S. Sengupta "Dopant Enhanced Processing of Superconducting Perovskites", Ceramic Transactions, Vol 104, 49-59, (2001).

    16) C. Penache, S. Datta, S. Mukhopadhyay, P. Joshi, A. Bruning-Demian, O. Hohn, S. Schssler, T. Jahnke and H. Schmidt-Bcking, "Large area surface modification induced by parallel operated MSE sustained glow discharges", Vol. 2 of Official Proceedings, HAKONE VIII, International Symposium on High Pressure, Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry (2002).

    17) Paul N. Barnes, Sharmila Mukhopadhyay, Rama Nekkanti, Tim Haugan, Rand Biggers, Iman Maartense, "XPS Depth Profiling Studies of YBCO Layer on Buffered Substrates", Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, ICMC, Vol 48, 614-18, (2002).

    18) R. N. Ghosh, S. Ezhilvalavan, B. Golding, S. M. Mukhopadhyay, N. Mahadev, P. Joshi, M. K. Das and J. A. Cooper, Jr. "Profiling of the SiO2 - SiC Interface Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy", Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Vol. 640, Materials Research Society (2001).

    19) G. Y. McDaniel, S. T. Fenstermaker, D. E. Walker, and W.V. Lampert, S. M. Mukhopadhyay and P. H. Holloway, "Quantified conditions for reduction of ESO contamination during SiC Metalization" MATER SCI FORUM 338-3: 407-410 (2000).

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    Performance Enhancement of Coated Conductors by Investigation of Flux Pinning and AC Loss Issues.




    Science and Engineering of Carbon Foams



    10/02 - 9/05

    "High pressure Plasma Processes"

    Major Industry



    "Surface Modification of Nano-structured Solids"

    OBOR_Major Collaboration Grant



    " Thin Film Characterization Using XPS"

    Major Industry


    6/03- 5/05

    "Acquisition of High Resolution XPS facility"

    National Science Foundation-MRI

    $ 300,000

    9/98 - 8/02

    " High Resolution XPS facility"

    Ohio Board of Regents: Action Fund


    9/98 - 8/02

    "Characterization of Thin Film Superconductors"

    Air Force Research Laboratory-Propulsion



    "Plasma Polymer Characterization using XPS"

    Major Industry



    " Characterization of Thin Film Surfaces using XPS"

    Proctor & Gamble Inc.


    4/00 -3/01

    "Nano-structure of Carbon Core Materials"

    Air Force -Materials



    " Characterization of Carbon Materials"

    Air Force-MLBC



    "YBCO Toroid for Gravity Shielding"

    NASA - with SCI Inc.



    "Characterization of Sub-micron Particles"

    SCI Inc


    3/98 - 2/99

    "Doping of BSSCO Superconductors"

    Plastronics Inc


    4/98 - 9/98

    " High Resolution XPS facility"

    WSU Matching Fund


    9/98 - 8/02

    "Nano-Structure-Property Relationships

    Ohio Board of Regents

    Research Challenge



    "Surface Engineering of Complex Solids"

    Ohio Board of Regents-TCG



    "Surface Chemistry of Plasma Polymer Films"

    Ohio Board of Regents

    Research Challenge


    6/01 -5/02

    Interfacial Bonding in C-Reinforced Composites

    Ohio Board of Regents

    R C

    $18, 410


    "Surface Phenomena in Superconducting Oxides"


    R C



    "Interfacial Tailoring of Engineering Materials"


    Research Challenge


    1/98 -- 6/00

    "Influence of Dopants on Metal-Ceramic Bonding"




    "Surface Science Laboratory"

    Teagle Foundation

    Faculty Development



    "Improvement of the Superconductor-Metal Interface"




    "Surface Composition of Particulate Matter"

    United States EPA




    1.     List of Courses Taught


    CAT #

    Thermodynamics of Solids

    ME 760

    Ceramics for Advanced Applications

    ME 783

    Intro. to Ceramics

    ME 483/683

    Physical Ceramics

    ME 484/684

    Phase Transformation in Solids

    ME 762

    Materials Engineering Science

    ME 370

    Engineering Materials

    ME 371

    X-Ray Diffraction

    ME 482/682

    Physical Metallurgy

    ME 376/576

    Structure- Prop. Relationship in Crystals

    PH.D. Core


    Advanced Elective

    Diffusion in Solids

    Part of Elective

    Introduction to Engineering-parts

    Freshmen Engineering

    Introduction to Design-parts

    Freshmen Design


    Grad & Undergrad Core

    Analytical Techniques in Materials

    Grad Advanced Elective

    2.     Thesis and Dissertation Supervised

    As Thesis/Dissertation Director

    1.     Ph.D. (P. Joshi) -- "Surface Modification with Plasma" Completed F 2004

    2.     Ph.D.(Chao Wei)-- "Influence of Br on High Temperature Superconductors" Completed, May 1997.

    3.     Ph.D.(Tim C.S. Chen)-- "Study of Oxide-Metal Interfaces Using Electron Spectroscopy" Completed, August 1995.

    4.    M.S. (S. Krishnaswami) -- "Characterization of Superconducting Films", Completed July, 2002.

    5.    M.S. (P. Joshi) -- "Plasma Polymer Modification of Surfaces " Completed Dec. 2001

    6.    M.S. (N. Mahadev) -- "Interface Modification of Superconductors", Completed Sept. 2000.

    7.     M.S.(Tim C.S. Chen)-- " Ar Sputtering in Oxides Studied by ESCA", completed, April 1993.

    8.    M.S. (J. Tolliver) -- "Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Film Coated Conductors" completed, 2004.

    9.    M.S. (Nick Yust)--, "Textured Copper Substrates for Second Generation High temperature superconductors", completed, Nov. 2003.

In progress:

  1. Ph.D. (R. V. Pulikollu) -- "Modification of Interfaces" started W2002
  2. M.S. (S. Vemulakonda) -- "Characterization of Thin Film Coated Conductors" started F 2003.
  3. M.S. (V. Chintamamneni) -- "Composition and Chemistry of High Temperature Superconductors" started F 2003.
  4. M.S. (J. Kell) -- "Thin Film Coated Conductors" started W 2004.
  5. M.S. (D. Sharma) -- " High Temperature Superconductors" started W 2005.


As Committee Member

  1. Ph.D. (Brian Joyce) -- "Ti-based Alloys" Completed 2004.
  2. M.S. (Yogesh Bahmbri)--, "Microstructure Evolution of AA 6061 Subject to Severe Plastic Deformation", completed, Nov. 2003.
  3. Ph.D. (Craig Reviello)--"Ti-Matrix Composites" in progress
  4. M.S. (Goutham Gowda) -- "Paper Abrasivity", Nov. 2000.
  5. M.S. (L. Gulapalli) --"Abrasivity Testing of Grament Labels"
  6. M.S. (John Snyder) -- "Rare Earth Metals in Welding Consummables" Nov. 2000.
  7. M.S. (Jennifer Finch)--, "Fracture Behavior of Si3N4-BN Fibrous Monolith Ceramic, completed, August 98.
  8. M.S. (Jenny Sun)--, completed, September 99.

23.  Ph.D. (Z. C. Li)-- "Superlattice Dislocations in Ti-Alloys", completed 1992.

24.  Ph.D. (J. Petruzzello)- "Structural Characteristics of ZnSe Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy", completed, Dec. 1993.

25.  M.S. (G. Kumar) -- "CVD Synthesis of PbTiO3 films", completed Aug. 1994.

26.  M.S. (I. Valsenya) --"Sol-Gel Synthesis of BaTiO3", completed June 1994.

27.  Ph.D. (P.Bowman) -- "Ferro-magnetic Compounds", completed, May 1997.


3.     Independent Studies Supervised

1.     Tom Donaldson, (F 03-W04): "Design of Experimental Tests for Mechanical Properties of Graphitic Foam."

2.     A. Gunashekharan (W 04): "Nano-materials"

3.     Sweta Bose (Ph.D student in Earth Sciences Program): Lab experience in microscopy, W04.

4.     Kristen Shiverdecker (F 03-W04): "Design if a field-Level on-aircraft Polyimide Adhesively Bonded repair Process".

5.     Erik Ripberger (Su 2001ME 499, W-S 2002 ME 491-492):

Surface-Engineered Graphitic Foams For Increased Matrix Infiltration And Wettability, resulted in student presentation at national meeting (SAMPE, 2002) and used in a Journal of Applied Physics publication.

6.     Paul Kennedy (1998, ME491-492)

7.     Jeff Ingels: (1998, ME 491-492)

Senior Design Project Team: "Design and Construction of a Magnetically Levitated Train." The students built a superconducting train that would move frictionlessly along a magnetic track, but would resist derailment off the track. This train is now used in all external demonstrations and student recruitment efforts.

8.     Tom Fink (1998 ME 490)

9.     Vernon Brown (1998 ME 490)

Levitation force measuring instrument for a superconducting train-track system.

10.  Adam Stechschutte (1999 EGR 199)

11.  Greg Updike (1999 EGR 199)

12.  Nick Elson (1999 EGR 199)

Measurements of levitation forces in superconducting levitators.

13.  Indy Roca (1998 ME 699)

Literature Search & SEM studies: Piezeo-electric Microstructures

14.  Niraj Mahadev (1998 ME 699)

Microscopy of nanostructures

15.  Hanna Li (1999)

Training on Carbon Nanostructures as exploratory Dissertation Topic

16.  Srikant Bhandari (1998)

SEM and XPS Laboratory Training with hourly financial support.

17.  Terry Harbough (1999, non thesis option student)

Initial X-Ray Laboratory Training for exploring company-university collaboration options.

18.  S. Mahesh (2000, ME 890)

Initial XPS on Paper Literature Search & Training for Dissertation topic selection.

19.  S. Krishnaswami (2001, ME 890)

Thin Film Oxide Materials, Exploratory studies for collaborative options with AFRL.

20.  Pratik Joshi (2000 & 2001, ME 890)

SiC Surface Studies (2000) and Oxygen Mico-plasma Studies (2001)

21.  R. Pulikollu (2001, ME 890)

Literature Search- Advanced Studies in Superconducting Systems

22.  R. Radhakrishnan (2001, ME 890)

SEM and XPS Laboratory Training with hourly financial support.

23.  L. GullaPalli (F 2001, ME 898)

SEM Training for Basic Materials Science

24.  Swapna Vemulakonda (F 2002, ME 699)

Microscopy & Specroscopy of Advanced Solids

25.  1995-1997: Freshman Engineering Design Projects (2-4 students every term ): Introduction to Engineering Design EG 102, I used to be the faculty mentor for typically 3-4 students each term, guide them through engineering magazines to select design topics and help them through the design. Notable Designs that were taken to competitions were "Superconducting Sensor Operated Levitated Platform for Earthquake protection", "Piezoelectric Sensor for Traffic Monitoring" etc.

26.  (1991-1992) Faculty Mentor for YES (Youth in Engineering and Science) Projects: Topics: Controlled Crystal Growth and Alloy Compositional Changes.

4.     Advising Students

  •      Faculty Advisor for the ASM International WSU Student Chapter (1998-2004)

  •      Faculty Advisor for several under-graduate students in the Materials Program.

  •      (1991-92) Served as Undergraduate Freshman advisor for two groups of engineering students (all disciplines)

    5.     Guest Lectures

    1.     Materials Science Graduate Colloquium, University of Dayton, Nov. 2003. (Audience: Graduate Students and Faculty)

    2.     Materials Science Graduate Colloquium, University of Cincinnati, Nov.1, 2002. (Audience: Graduate Students and Faculty)

    3.     Invited Ph.D. Colloquium, University of Pittsburgh, Nov 99. (Audience: Graduate Students and Faculty).

    4.     "Materials for the Modern Age" Rotary Club of Jamshedpur, India December 2000 (Audience: General, members of all professions)

    5.     "Bonding Between Dissimilar Materials" Wright Patterson Air Force Base, 1998 (Audience: Scientists and Engineers)

    6.     "Graduate Research Related to Bonding in Solids" Special Invited Seminar at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Dec 14, 1998 (Audience: Undergraduate & Graduate Students, Faculty).

    7.     "Tailoring of Surfaces and Interfaces for Controlled Engineering Properties", Ph.D. Seminar series, Wright State University College of Engineering, Fall 1997 (Audience: mainly Ph.D. students, some faculty)

    8.     "Interfaces in Solids", Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1992 (Audience: Undergraduate & Graduate Students, Faculty).

    9.     "Metal-Ceramic Bonds -- Influence of Segregation Properties", Solid State Physics Colloquium, Nov. 1991 (Audience: Physics Graduate Students and Faculty).

    10.  Photoelectron Spectroscopic Investigations, Tata Iron and Steel Co., Corporate R&D Laboratory, India, 1992. (Audience: R&D Scientists and strategic Planning Managers).

    11.  "Ceramic-Metal interactions" National Metallurgical Laboratory, India 1992 (Audience: Scientists and Engineers)

    12.  "Materials Science Education for the Information Age", Invited talk at the TMS Annual Meeting and Exposition, March 2000. (Audience: Conference Attendees for Education Symposium: students, faculty, university administrators)

    6.     Involvements In External Student Activities

  •        Organizer and Chair - Dayton Area Graduate Student Symposium of Materials (DASSOM).

  •        Judge, Student Poster Contest: Hosted by Ceramic Education Council at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Ceramic Society, 2003.

  •        Judge, Student Speaking Contest: Hosted by Ceramic Education Council at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Ceramic Society, 2002.

  •        Chair of the Hoffman Scholarship Program for junior students in Materials (Nationally). Served on terms: 01-02, 02-03, 03-04.

  •        Overseeing the committee for best student presentation award in the Electronics Division symposium at the affiliated Fall meetings, 2002-03, and 2003-04.

    8.     Laboratory Development


  •     Set up a Surface Spectroscopy facility (AXIS Ultra), which is the latest generation of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Instruments. XPS is used to identify what atoms are present on the solid surfaces and interfaces and what chemical bonding states they are in. In this age of composites, nano-materials, MEMS and multilayer thin-film devices, the surface or interface (seam) of the solid is often the region that enables or disables a technology. Therefore, materials students trained on techniques such as this are becoming very widely sought after. There are several older generation XPS units available in the Dayton area, but none is even close to this equipment in spectral and spatial resolution. This laboratory was aired in Channel 7 "Learning Counts" and in "Women In Engineering" shows.

  •        Plasma Processing Capability recently added enables controlled surface modification of engineering materials. This capability is allowing us add a surface engineering component to our materials course offerings.


    Obtained $30,000 from the State of Ohio through the College of Engineering (in partnership with R. Srinivasan). This fund (and small residual amount from other equipment grants) was used to upgrade the existing SEM and EDAX capabilities. This facility is essential for any student training on materials characterization. Currently, our "Metallography" and "Materials Characterization" courses will utilize these capabilities.


  •        Professional Services



    American Ceramic Society, Electronics Div.


    Chair, Honors & Awards Committee (2001-2004)

    Chair, Hoffman Scholarship Com.

    Chair, Henry Award Committee

    Currently: Divisional Secretary,

    National Science Foundation

    Panel & Mail Reviews

    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

    Ph.D. Thesis, International Reviewer

    Journal of Am. Ceramic Society

    Journal of App Phys./Applied Phys. Letters

    Journal of Membrane Research

    Journal of Materials Science

    Met Trans.






    US Civilian Research and Development Foundation

    Israel Science Foundation

    Proposal Reviewer

    Proposal Reviewer

    ASM International, Dayton Chapter

    ASM International, WSU Chapter

    Executive Committee

    Faculty Advisor

    TMS: Symposium on Surfaces and Interfaces in Nano-structured Materials, Annual Mtg., 3/04

    Lead Organizer

    ECS/A CerS. Joint Symposium "Interfaces in Electronic Materials" ,Orlando, Fl, 2003


    ASM- Student Symposium

    Organizer and Chair

    American Ceramic Society,

    Annual Meetings

    Session Chair

    American Society for Composites

    Session Chair

  •        University Committees at WSU

    University Honors Committee

    Member (nominated)


    University Technology Council

    Member (Elected)



    Member (Elected)


  •        College Committees at WSU

    Curriculum Committee

    Chair (elected)


    Curriculum Committee

    Member (appointed)


    By-Laws Review Committee

    Chair (Elected)


    Academic Computing Committee

    Member (Appointed)


    Academic Computing Committee

    Expenditure of Technology Fee

    Associate Dean Search Committee

    Chair (Elected)

    Member (Appointed)

    Member (Appointed)




  •        Departmental Committees at WSU



    Faculty Development Committee

    Materials Faculty Search Committees

    Member (appointed)

    Member (appointed)

    Member (appointed)

    Member (appointed)





  •        University Services in addition to committee work

    1.     Media productions: newspapers and TV (1999, 2000, 2001, 2003).

    Aired frequently by local TV channels

    2.     Regular participation in planning meetings with AFRL and other organizations for present and upcoming State & Federal project solicitations.

    3.     Interview for Channel 7: Learning Counts (2000-2001).

    4.     Organized Visit to WSU and AFRL by IEEE-CSC Distinguished Lecturer, (2003)

    5.     Visit from OAI Director: Briefing on Surface Engineering (2001)

    6.     Visit from General Lyle, AFRL: Briefing on future aerospace materials (2001)

    7.     Visit from V. Russo & B. Wilson, AFRL & WBI: briefing (2002)

    8.     Documentary production for Anniversary Celebration of CECS (2002)

    9.     Provide Intellectual Leadership for WSU/UD proposal to NSF for Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) (1999).

    10.  WSU visit by ASM International Dayton Chapter (2002).

    11.  Visit by ANL Director of Superconductivity Program, (1998)

    12.  Organized Dayton Area Graduate Student Symposium at WSU (2000).

    13.  Take Your Daughters to Work: 1999, (2001)

    14.  "Yes You Can": Lunchtime presentation at Multimedia Room: (2000).

    15.  Freshmen Engineering and High School Open House days: every year with graduate students.

    16.  New Student Orientation: every year

    17.  Curriculum Revision Committees: 1990 -- 95 (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.)

    18.  Hosted Tour, lab visits and Interviews for Ph.D. Program Review (Stage III) site visit and accreditation, 1996

    19.  Represented Materials Science Program at Materials Research Council meetings, Boston, 1992, 1993

    20.  Preparation Committee for ABET Accreditation, 1991.

  •      Community Services Related to Education

  •     "Science is Fun" demonstrations at elementary schools.

  •     "Cultures in Asia" presentations at schools and Youth Clubs (K-12).

  •     Summer projects with Science Teacher from Bronx School of Science to incorporate new experiments for the following school year (1992).

  •     Consult with teachers at schools and 2-year colleges to get them acquainted with K-12, upcoming K-14 and other federal funding programs (ongoing).



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