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Thank you for your interest in innovations and research at Wright State University. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on research and commercialization of our technologies. Ohio Attorney General’s Office has created a website to provide tips for industry to interact with public universities in Ohio.

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Available Technologies

For a list of technologies that are available for licensing, please refer to the AUTM website.

Sponsored Research

The Office of Technology Transfer works closely with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) in reviewing and negotiating industry sponsored research agreements. If an agreement contains any deviation from the University’s standard intellectual property language, RSP consults with the Office of Technology Transfer to help negotiate  terms with the industry partner that protect the University’s Intellectual Property. Ohio State Attorney General’s Office has provided guidelines for industry regarding essential terms in any sponsored research agreement. A copy of Wright State’s sponsored research agreement template can be downloaded from the RSP Pre Award Forms and Templates page. Industry partners interested in initiating a sponsored research agreement should contact the RSP Pre Award staff. If you have questions regarding an existing sponsored research agreement, please contact the RSP Post Award staff.

Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA)

Our office is responsible for reviewing nondisclosure agreements related to potential collaborations. If you would like to put in place a nondisclosure agreement before discussing confidential matters with us on a potential collaboration, please contact us. Here is also a nondisclosure agreement template that can be used. It will be helpful if you could let us know who at the university you plan to exchange the confidential information with and what information you plan to provide them.

License Agreements

If you are interested in commercializing a Wright State technology, please come discuss with us about a license agreement.

We understand that most of the time, licensees will need to put in substantial investments to bring a product to the market and our licensing terms will reflect the amount of effort that is required to commercialize a technology. We will generally ask the following questions when there is an inquiry:

  1. What is the technology you want to license?
  2. What type of license do you need or want?
  3. What is your business plan to commercialize the technology?

The following are some terms that will often be discussed:

  • Field(s) of use/applications
  • Exclusivity
  • Duration
  • Licensing fees and royalties
    • Upfront fees
    • Annual fees
    • Royalties
    • Equity
  • Sublicensing rights and fees
  • Diligence milestones (from the business plan)
    • Create a prototype by a certain date
    • Finish testing by a certain date
    • Make sells by a certain date
    • Funding and management
    • Updates on business plan 

Ohio Attorney General’s Office has created a website to provide tips for industry to interact with public universities in Ohio. This website includes a template for patent license agreement, and also an explanation regarding the anatomy of a patent license. It also includes an explanation regarding certain essential terms in any license agreement.

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