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Dan E. Krane

Dan E. Krane is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wright State University where he has been a faculty member since 1993. His research interests are primarily in the areas of molecular evolution and the way that gene frequencies change over the course of time in populations of organisms. As a graduate student he was the first to use phylogenetic reconstruction approaches to describe the evolutionary history of C repeats – a highly repeated DNA sequence that accounts for more than 10% of the rabbit genome. That work has been used as a model in his research laboratory and others that have since characterized analogous repeated sequences in several other mammalian genomes. He has published over thirty peer-reviewed papers in the areas of population genetics and molecular evolution and his research laboratory has received over $600,000 from external agencies over the past five years to support such studies. Prominent in that work has been the development of RAPD-PCR as a means of generating measures of genetic diversity that can serve as an indicator of exposure to environmental stressors. He is also a co-investigator on several other proposals totaling over $3,000,000 during the same time period. He is the lead author of the best selling undergraduate textbook in the field of bioinformatics (“Fundamental Concepts in Bioinformatics,” by Krane and Raymer and under contract as the sole author of a second (“Molecular Evolution: A Primer,” available in the Fall of 2004). He has published numerous papers regarding forensic DNA testing and has testified in over 50 criminal cases since 1991 as an expert for both the prosecution and defense in the areas of population genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics. He is also the president and founder of Forensic Bioinformatic Services, Inc (bioforensics.com) where he has overseen the development and implementation of software designed to automatically and objectively review STR DNA testing results.


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