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Dr. Wayne W. Carmichael

Position Title
Professor, Aquatic
Dept. Biol. Sci., Wright State Univ.


Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, Ore. BSc. 1969 Botany
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. MSc. 1972 Plant Physiology
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. PhD. 1974 Aquatic Biology
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. Post Doctoral 1976 Pharmacology

A. Positions and Honors

Professional Appointments/Awards
1970-72 National Research Council Research Assistant Award, Univ of Alberta-MSc-1972
1972-74 Graduate Teaching Assistantship Award, University of Alberta.- PhD. -1974
1974-76 Post-Doctoral Appoint, Faculty of Pharmacy/Dept of Botany – Univ. of Alberta.
Sept. 1976 Assistant Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Wright State University. Appointment in Aquatic Biology/ Toxicology.
Sept. 1981 Associate Professor with tenure - Dept. of Biol Sciences, Wright State University.
1987-88 Outstanding Research Award - College of Sci. and Math, Wright State University.
Sept. 1988 Full Professor - Dept. of Biol. Sciences, Wright State University.
1989-1990 Outstanding University Research Award - Wright State University.
June 1991 Chair - Gordon Research Conference on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins, Plymouth, NH, June 24-28, 1991.
Sept. 1995-Aug 98 Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research - Wright State University
May 1999 James H. Nakano Award-from National Center for Infectious Diseases of CDC for outstanding paper of 1998 published within NCID-co-authored with CDC.

B. publications

Publications in 2000-2003 Carmichael, W.W. Algal Poisoning.2003. In Kahn, C.M. Ed. The Merck Veterinary Manual. 9th Ed.

Li, R.H. and W.W. Carmichael. 2003. Morphological and 16S rRNA gene evidence for reclassification of the paralytic shellfish toxin producing Aphanizomenon flos-aquae LMECYA 31 as Aphanizomenon issatschenkoi. J. of Phycol. 39. 814-818.

Babcock-Jackson, L., W.W. Carmichael and D.A. Culver. 2002. Dreissenid mussels increase exposure of benthic and pelagic organisms to toxic microcystins. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. (Verhandlungen-Congress, Melbourne, Australia-2001) 28: 1082-1085.

Azevedo, S.M.F.O; Carmichael, W.W.; Jochimsen, E.M.; Rinehart, K.L.; Lau, S.; Shaw, G.R.; Eaglesham, G.K. 2002. Human intoxication by microcystins during renal dialysis treatment in Caruaru-Brazil. Toxicology 181: 441-446

Li, R. H., Carmichael, W.W., Brittain, S., Eaglesham, G.K., Shaw, G.R., Liu, Y.D. and Watanabe, M.W. 2001. First report of the cyanotoxins cylindrospermopsin and deoxycylindrospermopsin from Raphidiopsis curvata (Cynaobacteria). J. Phycol. 37: 1-6.

Kankaanp¹¹, H.T., Sipi¹, V.O., Kuparinen, J.S., Ott, J.L., Carmichael, W.W. 2001. Nodularin analyses and toxicity of Nodularia spumigena (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria) waterbloom in the western Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea, in August 1999. Phycologia. 40 (3): 268-274.

Carmichael, W.W. 2001. Health Effects of Toxin Producing Cyanobacteria: "The CyanoHABS". Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. 7(5): 1393-1407.

Li, R.H., Debella, H.J., Carmichael, W.W. 2001 Arthrospira maxima (Oscillatorales, Cyanobacteria) is identical to Arthrospira fusformis based on morphological characteristics and 16S rRNA gene sequences. Phycologia. 40(4): 367-371.

Vanderploeg, H.A., Liebig, J.R., Carmichael, W.W., Agy, M.A., Johengen, T.H., Fahnenstiel, G.L., Nalepa, T.F. 2001. Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) selective filtration promoted toxic Microcystis blooms in Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron) and Lake Erie. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 58(6): 1208-1221.

Carmichael, W.W. 2001 A Mini-Review of Cyanotoxins; Toxins of Cyanobacteria (Blue-green algae). In: de Koe, W.J., Samson, R.A., van Egmond, H.P., Gilbert, J. and Sabino, M. (eds.) Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins in Perspective at the turn of the Century. Proceedings of the X international IUPAC Symposium, Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins, Guaruja-Sao Paulo, Brazil-May 21-25, 2000. Published by W.J. de Koe, Hazecamp-The Netherlands. pp.495-504.

Carmichael, W.W., Azevedo, M.F.O., An, J.S., Molica, R.J.R., Jochimsen, E.M., Lau, S., Rinehart, K.L., Shaw, G.R., Eagelsham, G.K. 2001 Human Fatalities from Cyanobacteria: Chemical and Biological Evidence for Cyanotoxins. Environmental Health Perspectives. 109 (7):663-668.

Zimba, P.V., Khoo, L., Gaunt,P., Carmichael, W.W., Brittain, S. 2001. Confirmation of Catfish Mortality from Microcystis toxins. J. of Fish Diseases. 24:41-47.

Li, R.H, Carmichael, W.W., Brittain, S., Eaglesham, G.K, Shaw, G.R., Noparatnaraporn, A.M.N., Yongmanitchai, W., Kaya, K., Makoto, W. 2001. Detection of Cylindrospermopsin from a strain of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) isolated from Thailand. Toxicon 39:973-980.

Sipi¹, V., Kankaanp¹¹, H., Lahti, K., Carmichael, W.W., Meriluoto, J. 2001. Detection of nodularin in flounders and cod from the Baltic Sea. Environmental Toxicology. 16(2):121-126.

Park, H., Namikoshi, M., Brittain, S.M., Carmichael, W.W., Murphy, T. 2001. [D-Leu1] microcystin-LR, a new microcystin isolated from waterbloom in a Canadian prairie lake. Toxicon. 39(6): 855-862

Carmichael, W.W., and Hyde, E.G. Anatoxins. 2000. in Spencer, P.S., Schaumburg, H.H., Ludolph, A.C. (eds.), Experimental and Clinical Neurotoxicology. 2nd ed. Oxford Univ. Press, New York and Oxford.1352 pp., P. 196-198.

Mohamed, Z. A., Carmichael, W.W. 2000. Seasonal variation in microcystin content of River Nile water at Sohag City, Egypt. Int. J. of Limnology. 36(4): 227-234.

Li, R., Carmichael, W.W., Liu, Y. and Watanabe, M.M. 2000. Taxonomic re-evaluation of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae NH-5 based upon morphology and 16S rRNA gene sequences. Hydrobiologia, 438(1): 99-105.

Brittain, S., Wang, J., Babcock-Jackson, L., Carmichael, W.W., Rinehart, K.L. and Culver, D.A. 2000. Isolation and Characterization of microcystins, cyclic heptapeptide toxins from a Lake Erie strain of Microcystis aeruginosa J. Great Lakes Res. 26(3): 241-249.

Beasley, V.R., R.A. Loveall, K.R. Holmes, H.E. Walcott, D.J. Schaeffer, W.E. Hoffman and W. W. Carmichael. Microcystin-LR decreases hepatic and renal perfusion, and causes circulatory shock, severe hypoglycemia, and terminal hyperkalemia in intravascularly dosed swine. 2000. J. Toxicology & Envir. Health-Part A. 61(4): 281-303.

Carmichael, W.W., C. Drapeau, D.M. Anderson. 2000. Harvesting and Quality Control of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae from Klamath Lake for Human Dietary Use. J. Applied Phycology. 12: 585-595.

Brittain, S., Mohamed, Z.A, Wang, J., Lehman, V.K.B., Carmichael, W.W., Rinehart, K.L. and El-Sharouny, H.M. 2000. Isolation and Characterization of microcystins from a Nile River strain of Oscillatoria tenuis Agardh ex Gomont. Toxicon 38: 1759-1771.

C. Research Support (2001 to present)

(Current) Proctor and Gamble-Health Care Research and Development, Cincinn-Ohio 07/01/03-07/01/04 $52,000-Annual Direct Cost Percent of effort 10% A laboratory study on removal of algae from in-home filters

(Current) USEPA-Office of WaterTechnical Support Center 08/01/03-6/04
$52,000- Annual Direct Cost Percent of Effort: 10% Preparation of Cyanotoxin Standards for Quantifying Cylindrospermopsin and development of literature data base for toxic cyanobacteria

(Current) WSU Research Challenge-07/01/03-06/30/04 $33,000-Annual Total Cost Percent effort 10% Analytical and immunoassays-genetic probes for analyses of toxins

(Current) PHS-NIH Æ 11/1/00-10/30/04
$140,000-Total direct costs % effort 10
Structures of antibiotics and related compounds" - collaborative with K.L. Rinehart/Robert Coates - Univ. of Illinois Æ
Search for new bioactive compounds of cyanobacteria." Analytical and immunoassays-genetic probes for analyses of toxins

St Johns River Authority,Florida- 11/1/00-10/30/03
$150,000-Total direct costs % effort 10
Environmental Regulation of Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Lower St. Johns River- (Co-PI Hans Paerl-UNC, Moorehead City) Ædevelopment of analytical and immunoassays for environmental toxins

USEPA-Human Studies Division-Water Epidemiology- 3/1/01-2/28/03
$52,000 Annual direct cost % effort 10
Development of Human Biomarkers for Cyanobacterial Toxins-The Cyanotoxins
This project validates an ELISA method with an analytical (LC/MS) method for microcystin analyses.in human tissue

State of Florida, Dept. of Health-SJWMD- 10/1/00-12/30/01
$85,000- Annual direct costs % effort 10
Toxic Algae Survey-analytical and immunoassay analyses of toxins in water supplies

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