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Intellectual Property Primer
Gretchen Bender
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Whether you are a student, an aspiring or renowned researcher, you have INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! Such information is proprietary to you, and furthermore, has significant value.
  • Attend this seminar to learn more how the Intellectual Property system in the US and most of other countries recognize the value of not only your inventions, but also your knowledge!
  • Listen to Ms. Bender's presentation of the tools that are available to protect your knowledge and inventions!
  • Learn more about the best way to secure eligibility to Intellectual Property protection, and the balance of rights and obligations supporting such eligibility!
  • Share with us original approaches and thoughts, such as how patents can play a significant role in the advancement of science while acting as pillars of economic development!
  • Discover more efficient ways to integrate Intellectual Property tools with your research practice!

Introduction to Technology Transfer and Licensing
Isabelle M. Gorrillot
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Students and researchers conducting research at Wright State University typically assign certain intellectual property to the University (Wright State University Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures) against access to prime education and University resources and/or salary payment. The Intellectual Property thus owned by Wright State University, is managed by the Wright State University Technology Transfer Office (TTO).
  • Attend this short seminar to better understand the role of the newly created Technology Transfer Office
  • Learn more about what Technology Transfer and licensing mean and encompass
  • Investigate efficient ways of collaborating with the Technology Transfer Office to support together the University's mission of promoting regional economic growth

Communication Management and Intellectual Capital
(panel discussion)
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Eligibility to Intellectual Property protection requires a fine balance of rights and obligations from everybody who has something to do with research, knowledge and inventions within the university. In addition, because Wright State University's goodwill attracts a large number of contractual collaborations with a variety of outside parties, such as corporations or the Department of Defense, we all have obligations toward our partners with respect to handling Intellectual Property.
  • Learn more about what these obligations are
  • Understand how they impact the University's role as a major player of economic development
  • Discuss with a panel of representatives from Academia, Government and Industry how to better reconcile rights given by academic freedom with obligations toward the Community and the Government.

Discovery Genetics & Bioinformatics Inventions
Michael Woodward

An overview of current issues in the examination of patent applications directed to genes, gene therapy and transgenic animals. A historical discussion of the formation of the bioinformatics art unit at the USPTO, challenges in the examination of bioinformatics applications and tips for enhancing communication with bioinformatics examiners. Comments on patentability of 3-D structural information, functional and non-functional descriptive material.

Resources for Small Business Development
Michael Bodey

As a vector of economic development for the region, the Small Business Development Center fulfills the broader mission embraced by Wright State University. The center is a partner with the Technology Transfer Office in providing information and advice designed to foster entrepreneurship and job creation in the Dayton area through creation of corporations.
  • Attend this seminar to learn more about the resources available at the SBDC
  • Discover how you may become a successful entrepreneur!
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